Jangilova connects people who want to watch TV with TV owners

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JANGILOVA is a shared-service platform connecting people who have spare seats at home/bars or public places to share with peope who want to catch up with any kind of contents on TV around them. It helps people reduce the cost of buying , paying or rentals and also allows people who find theirselves in a new environment explore by watching TV with new buddies. The benefits are immeasurable.

Jangilova connects people who want to watch TV with TV owners
Jangilova connects people who want to watch TV with TV owners

To explore this opportunity, you will be required to sign up with Facebook. According to JANGILOVA website (www.jangilova.com), “signing up with Facebook makes your profile more trustworthy, as it links it to your existing online social profile, which is reassuring to other members. Your Facebook details will automatically complete your profile, including your photo and your number of friends. The more complete your profile is, the more trustworthy it will be.”

19 year-old founders, Richard Ogundiya and Tolu Yussuff, says “Jangilova offers you the cheapest and most convenient ways to enjoy your free time without hassle around your city. We allow bars, viewing centres and other public places or ventures post exclusive listings that are screen-related.

HOW IT WORKS is users – both hosts and guests – set up profiles that contain relevant information (name, location, gender, etc). After that, they can begin to connect to the network. Hosts create listings containing information on what they’d like to share including location, number of seats available, time and date. The host is then notified (by email) once a guest joins a listing after which they can either accept or deny the request (probably after going through the guest’s profile).


Members’ identities are first being verified through the information they collect- from signing up to profile details: they collect email, phone number, Facebook, address, profile pictures and other useful information that are kept safe to ensure that people behave responsibly. With Facebook verification, members can link their JANGILOVA profile to their existing social network, increasing trust amongst members as you can go ahead andview a members’ profile page. When two members meet in real life , they publicly rate each other. Therefore you can view the ratings about a member before joining a listing to instill your trust in that person.


Payment is made in cash by your visitor at the time they meet to share. Each visitor will pay you the “price per viewer” amount that you stated when offering your listing. The visitor is expected bring the exact cash amount but it is advisable to always have change on you in case they haven’t. We recommend that you ask the visitors for payment before they start viewing. Also, hosts are advised to only allow expected visitors into their homes.
This is actually impressive I must say, especially considering the fact that the brains behind it are 19year olds. Well done guys!
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