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Transsion Holding company is the iTel phone manufacturer and on the occasion of its tenth year anniversary launched into the Nigerian three brand new products which are the iTel S12, iTel S32 and iTel S32 LTE. and these phones also come dual selfie enabled.

Mr Oke Umurhohwo who is the Marketing Communications Manager during the launch of the new smart phones at the anniversary celebration of Transsion Holding in Lagos told newsmen present that  the new itel Selfie centric phones are affordable, sleek and of high quality. He said  “we understand the demand of our customers, hence the reason we are introducing the most affordable dual selfie camera phones in Africa. These new itel phones come with an innovative front camera that can accommodate more people in a single selfie.” “Compared to the previous S31, the latest S32 boasts of 63° portrait lens for solo selfie and an ultra-wide 86° angle lens which makes it easy for users to take group selfie. “We believe that by providing customers with affordable, reliable and trendy mobile devices, we can allow more people to get connected with the rest of the world in an efficient way.”

Mr Oke Umurhohwo went on to say to in his statement “With such belief in mind, itel is continually making efforts to get close to customers and understand their needs and expectations in various ways, so  as to continue to meet their expectations.” According to him, “itel mobile has positioned itself in Africa inspired by a mission to empower everyone with seamless mobile communication through reliable, trendy and affordable mobile devices.” He said: “Over the past decade, the brand has become a household name in the industry spreading its presence to over 50 countries across the globe. In 2016, itel sold a landmark of 50 million devices, to become the top mobile brand in Africa.”

He noted that the reasons for itel mobile success in Africa are from within – “Understanding the market is key to a brand’s success and the itel brand has understood the major needs for African consumers. Year on year, the mobile phone giant rolled out affordable and reliable mobile phones without compromising on quality.”