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According to reports which could be termed valid, our very own Google might be involved in the development of the new Nokia phones which would be launched in a few months to come,  hopefully, next year. The things is, we do not know the meaning of “involved” yet. Could they be helpful in the manufacturing, or they are into some form of collaborations as regards Google’s new apps – Duo and Allo – , or it could even be more than just that.

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Well, while we wait, we just know that google is providing input to HMD global, a Finnish company that develops mobile devices under the “Nokia”  brand name. HMB global is the company that is to sell Nokia’s new devices, but no major details have been revealed about this, yet.

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Talking about Google’s involvement with phone manufacturers, worthy of mention is Huawei who was involved in the Google Nexus series. There are also lots of others who have in one way or another been linked to a Google phone e.g HTC, but please note that unlike this Nokia case, it was a Google-branded phone then.

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Also, Nokia dominated the tech market in the last two decades with their variety of mobile java phones, Symbian phones, digital cameras and more. But ever since the introduction of android smartphones, the company has failed to thrive in the smart technology market. This leads me to wonder why Google would want to be involved with them at all, given that the world has actually moved on from the Nokia era to a more exciting one – the smartphone era.

I think I’ll still profer an answer to the above. Nokia recently made public plans to released Nokia-branded Android phones by next year, so this may be why Google has decided to tap into their market and possibly bank on their tech market domination for the past years.

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Well, we are in the last month or the year and 2017 would be upon us in no time so what else can we do than to WAIT AND SEE what is it these Duo has in store for the tech populace. I smell it’s going to be something very interesting. WE’RE WAITING.