Crocodile Browser, Internet, Android apps

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I first heard about the Crocodile browser sometime last year. It caught my eye, just like many other people because it was developed by two Nigerian teenage brothers. You see, it is not every day you hear that Nigerians developers get to make things like a browser. Not to talk of Nigerian teenagers.

Crocodile Browser, Internet, Android apps
Capture crocodile

Osine Ikhianosime (14) and his elder brother Anesi (16) are the products of today’s modern society. I mean instead of running around in the streets and dreaming about one girl crush at school, kids now have access to gadgets and resources that could make them rich and famous very quickly.

Not that Anesi and his brothers are rich yet, but they are on the right track.

At the time the crocodile browser exploded on the collective consciousness of Nigerians last year, I felt that these kids are on a good thing. That is, if the browser is good.

Crocodile Browser, Internet, Android apps
Founders of Crocodile browser

The patriotism of tens of millions of internet users in Nigeria should make the browser a top app in no time. After all we are very famous in Nigeria for supporting our local heroes. But I have to confess that I did not download or try to use the browser.

One year later, I decided to look at the browser again. The place to go is Bludoors, the official website of the browser. Fine name I must confess. The minimalistic website doesn’t waste time with frills and clutter

Crocodile Browser, Internet, Android apps
Crocodile browser

What you see when you go the the official website and click on the ‘Learn more’ link followed by the ‘Browser‘ tab on the next page, are three videos.

These videos are simply short tutorials on how to use the browser. The videos are titled, ‘Adding a bookmark,’ ‘Adding a tap,’ and ‘Naviagtion.’ However, if you are used to how mobile browsers work, you’d get the hang of Crocodile fast without needing to watch the videos.

Crocodile Browser, Internet, Android apps
Crocodile browser home UI

That there is only a ‘Get it on Play Store‘ button clearly means this is an Android-only app. So I headed over to Play Store. This time around I intend to download and test it out to see if it was faster than my favourite Opera Mini.

Since, I don’t use Chrome much on my mobile phone, I wouldn’t be able to test the statement that it is faster than Chrome browser.

I was really disappointed though that the app has being downloaded less than 5000 times from play store. Come on, where are all the millions of Nigerians using their Android phones? Support our own by downloading the browser. Less than 5000 downloads is very poor in a country of millions.

Crocodile Browser, Internet, Android apps
Crocodile browser

It is not as if the app is not good. It is good. I tried it. I liked the interface. At least it did not try to copy the design of any of the big players. Switching from an open tab to the home page was very easy.

Also, creating a new tab was a breeze

Some of the comments from users were very positive. Nobody seemed to have much of a problem with the browser except the tiny bits that comes with tweaking the settings to suit a users needs.

Crocodile Browser, Internet, Android apps
Crocodile browser, Settings UI

As for the speed, I couldn’t say outrightly it was faster than my Opera Mini. All I can say for sure is that it wasn’t slow. Pages opened at a brief waiting period just like I get with other browsers.

Basically, the browser did not offer me enough to make it my default browser. At the same time though, it was good enough that I knew I wasn’t going to uninstall it. It could come in handy when I need variety or when I want to dedicate a browser to a particular project.

Crocodile Browser, Internet, Android apps
Tech Products on Crocodile browser

I wished people would download the app to support them. Support your Nigerian brothers! Just like this man with the East African sounding name of Marushka Maneti said on Play Store,

“Proud African. I’m definitely supporting my brothers from Nigeria. This app is good and if any unwanted ads appear then they’ll most Def fix that issue.”


image credit:; austin cyril