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Before we dive deep into plain weird bloggerly rumours, please let’s observe two minutes of silence for the death of the iphone’s headset Jack, and that’s only if popular rumors are anything to go by …………..{silence}………! Ok, there, we had our plain weird minutes of silence for a totally plain weird rumor. Oddly enough, we are about to rattle about another — iPhone 7 twin camera system.
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At first, the prospect of iPhone 7 coming packed with a twin camera system may seem completely off the book. It may as expected seem totally unfeasible with the iPhone 7 release, given time constraints and adverse technological realities. However, that’s just you thinking a little bit to loud, it does not necessarily reflect Apple’s standpoint on the matter. So guys put on your geek’s glasses and let’s see things from a geek’s perspective. A report in November last year pointed to the fact that Apple was testing iPhone 7 with a two camera system. This report among a handful of others was shrugged off as merely rumors, however there is more to it.
Remember that in what was a multi million dollar deal, Apple snapped up Israeli tech firm — LinX , a company specialising in multi-lens mobile camera systems. Before the release of the iPhone 6s and 6s plus, there were a lot of speculations that LinX’s technology will be integrated with 2015’s flagship. However, that wasn’t possible due to an obvious but not necessarily the only factor; time. Now post iPhone 6s and 6s plus release, there is relatively ample time to understudy and retrofit I phones with LinX’s ingenious imaging technology. Quite frankly, unless Apple acquired LinX to forestall a highly unlikely competition or just for the fun of it, then it seems more and more likely for an iPhone 7 featuring a dual camera system.

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Another hint perhaps, is in Apple’s little known tradition. Apple usually keeps the same design for two generations of the iPhone ( example are the 4 and 4s, or the 6 and 6s). Considering the fact that 2015’s 6s ends the current generation,
the iPhone 7 is going to start a new two-generation , which means the iPhone 7 is most definitely going to feature a fairly new design. An option of a new design is a good opportunity for Apple to chip in its dual camera system. Also , if 2016’s iPhone is indeed going to be called the iPhone 7 instead of iPhone 6c then it points more and more to the possibility of a dual camera system equipped 2016 iPhone. Apple alternates between internal upgrades ( software and performance) for the ‘S’ or letter update, then a physical redesign for a number update.
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Perhaps the latest hint pointing to the Cupertino based company adoption of a dual camera system for its 2016 iPhone is a patent published today and spotted by Patently Apple. The patent titled Mobile Camera System with US patent Number 2016000700 describes a method for using multiple camera on a multifunction device to provide optical zoom to the user. The patent also describes several ways in which the device could simultaneously use both cameras in the dual camera system. For example, one camera could take still photos while the other shoots video. Although this feature has been available since the iPhone 5, the stills are captured at a lower than normal resolution. With twin camera system in play, you could get the maximum resolution for both. The patent also describes simultaneously shooting
standard speed and slow motion video, again with the two being automatically combined in the final output. It even suggests that a single piece of filming could generate a combination of 4K video, 1080p video, slo-mo video and stills – and that these could be easily combined in editing afterwards. This adds some credence to the earlier rumor of a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus. Your going to need as much space as possible if you are recording 1080p and 4K video at the same time all the time.