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Interswitch, which could be labeled Africa’s leading integrated digital payments and commerce company, has today unveiled a new agreement with Fio Corporation based in Toronto. This agreement aims to ramp up distribution of the company’s healthcare technology services in Nigeria.

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It is no longer news that if an award were to be given for the most rampant disease in Nigeria, it’d undoubtedly go to the Malaria infection. I want to believe this has led to this agreement between the two companies.

interswitch partners Fio
Hayim Raclaw, Vice President Sales, Fio Corporation with Chinyere Don-Okhuofu, Divisional CEO, Interswitch Industry Vertical Markets

Representatives from the two companies announced the news together during a joint press conference commemorating World Malaria Day and its theme for 2017: End Malaria for Good.

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Fio’s intelligent mobile diagnostic device, called the Deki™ Reader, allows health workers in even the most remote areas to automate testing of suspected cases of malaria, and other infectious diseases, and transmit results in real time to the Fionet™ data system. Hence, healthcare managers can log onto the Fionet™ web portal and monitor diagnostic data and other key metrics from the field at any time.

Deki Reader
Deki Reader

You’d agree with me that such a device might just be the saving grace in our dear country Nigeria, especially in most cases of asymptomatic malaria infection.

“Disease control is impossible when you are fighting an enemy you can’t see”, This is according to Hayim Raclaw, vice-president and sales team lead at Fio Corporation.

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“Fio’s technology makes the invisible visible so that decision makers can take direct, transformative action. We are honoured to be working with Interswitch to take the impact of our services in Nigeria to the next level.”

Presently, Public health workers at 32 facilities in Akwa Ibom State are using Deki™ Readers and the Fionet™ system to augment malaria services, which comes as a result of Fio’s collaboration launched with Africare last year.