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According to Vodacom, in the future, classrooms will no longer be described as rooms within a school, where students are taught. Instead, they will be any space where learning takes place – but the key enabler of mobile learning today is the Internet.

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Well, I must say that this is a thought that is already long overdue. People like you reading this, and I, already know that the internet has a very large influence on our daily life, and would exert more of this influence in our future life. So it’s good to know that at long last, someone else thinks the same way.

Funke Atanda, Senior Manager, Product Portfolio, Vodacom Business Nigeria, while speaking at the Total School Support Exhibition (TOSSE) last Friday, “As the Internet and computers become more accessible and cheaper; instead of teachers copying handouts and exams to give to students, they will be pushed online to students”.

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She also said that the role of the teacher will change from instructor to guide, maintaining that the responsibility now lies with teachers to become tech savvy and ready for not only future classrooms but future learners,”

Vodacom also said that “Today, assignments are completed online and uploaded through classroom portals. Posting of grades and results are also done online. However, in the near future, group projects will be completed through collaborative software and students will use cloud storage instead of flash drives or paper to store their work.”

“Teachers, parents, students and administrators will communicate through social media platforms designed specifically for education or for a school. All this will be made possible through the power of the Internet,”

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I also share this sentiment and believe that the internet has already proved to be a large part of our life, and by extension, our future.



  1. This is heartwarming and apt. We have become modernized and the world has become digital.

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