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We do not know why but the number of internet subscribers has declined but a lot of pointers are in the direction of the current economic situation, suggesting that the high cost of living (and data) might have rubbed off on some of the users.

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According to viable data, MTN, the largest network in the country, had a total of 30,300,705 subscribers browsing the internet on its network in the month under review. MTN recorded a drop of 714,700 internet subscribers in February after recording 31,015,405 in January.

On their own hand, Globacom had 26,932,485 customers surfing the net on its network in February, revealing a decline of 143,787 users from the 27,076,272 who surfed the internet on the network in January.

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Moving from the main issue for a while, did anyone notice how close the Globacom subscribers are to their MTN counterpart? With less than 4 million subscribers difference, Globacom is surely giving the largest network a run for their money. Now, let’s move back to the main issue.

Airtel had 19,468,684 internet users in February, this reduced by 149,801, the number of customers in its January record of 19,618,485. Airtel’s case might be understandable as they are yet to launch the 4G network, which would surely have a long lasting effect on their customer base.

The world is swerving towards 4G LTE and any network that does not support this at the moment might just be losing users on a daily. And up till this moment, we’re still in the dark as to why Airtel has not thought it worthwhile to launch the 4G LTE.

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The data also showed that Etisalat had 13,296,999 customers who browsed the internet in February. It recorded a decrease of 267,285 users from the 13,564,284 users it recorded in January.


So what could be wrong?