Indian SmartPhone Market
Indian SmartPhone Market
Indian SmartPhone Market

Following the recent reports from Canalys which states that smart phone shipments in India exceeded the set mark in the third quarter in 2017 of forty (40) million through a Twenty Three percent annual increase which translates to India toppling and taking the lead over the United States and China alone being ahead of it.

As a result of the enormous populations well over and beyond one point three (1.3) billion, the Nation India holds and while the United States is some where between three hundred and twenty million (320) upwards, the change was well anticipated from a while back. Recently a few developments like the demonetization that took place the year 2016 and that hindered the growth and increase of the recent quarters.

An Analyst at Canalys who is called Ishan Dutt said in a statement that “This growth comes as a relief to the smartphone industry. Doubts about India’s market potential are clearly dispelled by this result,”  So irrespective of the landmark, observers had long said the India’s Smartphone market just required a little bit of cool and patience. Citing an instance with China being way ahead by well over a hundred and ten million shipments per quarter but offers such as complicated supply chains, local retail laws, import taxes, lower GDP and even poorer internet are very likely to cause restrictions in India’s sales for a period of time.

To note that India may not be ranked along sides in pair with China but they are plenty china originated names dominating in the Indian Market. Early in the year it was said that Samsung and Chinese brand oppressed India’s phone company from the most ranked seller list and they have continued to lead the field today.

Quoting the Canalys numbers it appears that Samsung is still on the lead with nine point four (9.4) million shipments in the second quarter which is up nearly thirty percent (30%) even though Xiaomi also appears to out do it soon after increasing by two hundred and ninety percent year on year to arrive at nine point two (9.2) million units.

Also rounded up to the top five is the Chinese trio which are Vivo, Oppo and Lenovo mean while is yet to found. It is believed that the United States has have made shipments records of two point five (2.5) million device in India in 2016 plus a progress credited to urban areas. More over the relatively high price of the Apple iPhone makes it difficult to achieve wide mainstream adoption irrespective of the bring in of reduced price devices and discounts for older models.