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Over the years, the military have been in the forefront of technological innovations. They have pursued research with vigour and speed, blessed with a corresponding support from government who consider these research and subsequently, technological advancement as critical to national security. The military has in most cases pioneered the use of highly ingenious technology which have found it ways to the shelves of our local stores. However, these has not always been the case, just like any other profession — military researchers sometimes get bored, and subsequently get weird ideas which result in ‘ incredibly weird military gadgets ‘ . Here are few military gadgets conceived and produced during ‘brain downtime’ ;

The Puke Flashlight

puke flashlight
Ya, the name of this not so sexy looking flashlight says it all. It’s one of those flashlights that are created when a bunch of ‘highly’ motivated military geeks are blessed with slightly too much time. Designed as one of a growing body of non-lethal incapacitating gadgets, the flashlight uses ultra bright, rapidly pulsating LEDs to first temporarily blind and then induce nausea and subsequently vomiting. While your average flashlight was designed by a bunch of civilians to be as bright as possible, the military decided to prop up a design to make you puke as much possible. Remember your ex? Well, you’ve got yourself a perfect revenge weapon, don’t worry about the police, the will certainly find the idea of a vomit inducing flashlight too nauseating to believe.

The scream

the scream gadget
Hate it or like it, no one really cares — at least the Israelis didn’t care much when their military decided to play around with the not so sane innovative ideas that gave birth to the scream. Developed by the Israeli military and tagged with quite a generic name, the gadget is designed to issue short bursts of highly tuned sound that gets into someone’s head and stay there most uncomfortably until they
leave the device’s range. The gadget doesn’t produce extremely loud noise or something, its sound is barely as loud as your average Sony speakers. However, it manages to give its target a tough time by focussing a specifically tuned frequency at the target’s inner ear which then disrupts the person’s equilibrium. And there is no need to cover your ears, because the sound is going nowhere, at least until the gadget has achieve its ultimate goal of making you feel dizzy, nauseated and eventually close to being insane. Don’t worry too, nobody is going to charge you for using it, because its classified as – “nonlethal”.

The Gay bomb

gay soldiers
This is my personal favourite (not that am gay or anything). With strong anti-gay legislations in countries like Russia, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, the last thing you want is a random dude throwing one of these in your direction. Unless of course you are prepared to spend a minimum of 14 years in a maximum security prison for showing signs of “same sex relationship”. The ‘ gay bomb ‘ as it was colloquially dubbed was allegedly developed by the U.S. Air Force research laboratory in Ohio in 1994. The gadget was filled with a substance — a hypothetical aphrodisiac of remarkable potency , which when dispersed on enemy forces caused them to develop an artificially induced affection for their comrades. The attraction would be so intense that they would only think of sleeping with their colleagues rather than fulfilling their military responsibilities. Of course with enemy soldiers lusting after each other’s asses, any sane opposing army will have a field day picking them up like flies.

The Flatulence Bomb

Once again, instead of filling up grenades with gun powder or what ever they use this days – the U.S air force thought it would be much more sexy to fill them up with a flatulence inducing substitute. Ladies and gentlemen of the webosphere , I present to you the ” Flatulence Bomb “. Also allegedly proposed by the U.S air force research laboratory in Ohio, the purpose of the bomb was quite clear — trow the enemy camp into an ” exhilarating farting orgy “. Then you would have the military camp thrown into a campaign of – “who ? Me?… Its you! .. Not me.. You’re lying.. Oh my Gosh! It stinks..” And then, as for what happens next, your guess is as good as mine. You got to love the military man!!!, the sure have it coming.

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