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Over the years, the military have been in the forefront of technological innovations. They have pursued research with vigour and speed, blessed with a corresponding support from government who consider these research and subsequently, technological advancement as critical to national security. The military has in most cases pioneered the use of highly ingenious technology which have found it ways to the shelves of our local stores. However, these has not always been the case, just like any other profession — military researchers sometimes get bored, and subsequently get weird ideas which result in ‘ incredibly weird military gadgets ‘ . Here are few military gadgets conceived and produced during ‘brain downtime’ ;

Military Grade Stink Bomb

stink bomb
This is one of those classic examples of cases of well intended stupidity. However, considering the idea was a brain child of a reputable U.S defense innovation agency – DARPA – I will settle for a case of ‘cocktail mixture’ gone awfully wrong. The stink bomb is something like your ordinary bomb, just that this time rather than being made with plutonium or their likes , its a cocktail of extremely familiar substances. By extremely familiar I mean, a mixture of stinks from vomit, highly concentrated urine, faeces, sewer liquid, burnt hair, rotting flesh and garbage. Just thinking about it is making me queasy. The important thing to note is the need for a combination of many sources of stench— just vomit or just burnt hair won’t do the job because our brains can pretty much readily adjust to accommodating one or two familiar stench. But juxtapose a dozen or more of them into a single gadget , then throw at the enemy — then you will have yourself in a serious ‘war crimes’ allegation. The truth is, I very much appreciate the thrill of being an inventor, but I’m not sure I’d want to be a technician for that program.

Invisible Ray Pain gadget

invisible ray pain

Oh..look, it looks like a bunch of blackboard strapped to something that popped out of Star Wars. Yes, of course, that’s how it was supposed to appear , at least for the simple reason that it was designed by a bunch of overzealous U.S military researchers. After putting their crazy crowd control idea into production — the Active Denial System or ADS was born. It works like an open-air microwave oven, projecting a focused beam of electromagnetic radiation to heat the skin of its targets to 130 degrees. This creates an intolerable burning sensation forcing those in its path to instinctively flee. According to a defense sign board report ” The weapon was initially tested in Afghanistan , but later recalled due to a combination of technical difficulties and political concerns, including the fear that ADS would be used as a torture tool making it “not politically tenable .” Using such weapons on foreign soil may have raised concerns for U.S military, but definitely not when it decided to use it US prisoners. The device is operated by a jail officer with a joystick, and is intended to break up prison riots, inmate brawls and prevent assaults on officers. Want to commit a crime? This is definitely not a good time to go to jail.


brain damage gadget
All fans of Greek mythology have propably heard of the mythic MEDUSA. Aye, aye, sir.. Hold your breath, this has got no prehistoric voodoo twist to it, just plain science or let’s say weird technology. I mean why build a tank to incapacitate individuals when you can have a much cooler result by using “a beam of microwaves to induce uncomfortable auditory sensations in the skull”. MEDUSA’s intended purpose is deterring crowds from entering a protected perimeter, like a nuclear site, and temporarily incapacitating unruly individuals. Good news is — it doesn’t kill you, bad news however is — it will slap you with slightly excess shockwaves to make you behave the dumbest you can get. And don’t worry, the resultant stupidity is quite temporary and should normally fade after you’ve been institutionalized in an asylum. DARPA