iCyrus online store

Lots of people in Nigeria and the rest of the wide world can relate to this, when little mini fixing come up, such as a spoilt door handle, little electrical faults, and repairs. People just pick up their phones and call a handyman that does this for them for a fee as oppose to them fixing it on their own, guys can relate to this with them being called upon to fix things at home. But this trend of doing things oneself   has gradually been pushing towards extinction; with a lot of people preferring to just calling someone to fix it which is much easier than them being around with their busy schedule working their way around a fault for hours.


iCyrus, an online eCommerce platform that sells an extensive variety of tools and equipment  for construction and servicing is on the move to revive people fixing things themselves. With the aim to reach average Nigerians with their product through the help of internet technology, since almost everyone can browse and visit stores online now.

Products and services rendered on iCyrus Online Merchant range from furniture and joinery tools to construction materials. The online stock will include doors, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, laundry and bathroom facilities, fasteners and fixings, fitting tools and safety equipment.

According to the online manager for iCyrus, Olaolu Beckley, social media marketing strategies such as  youtube how to do videos and forum for DIY(do it yourself) individuals will be made available.


Mrs. Alero Imo, the director of the company who is an architect said the company was started over twenty years ago with her husband and employed carpenter, even though the company is new to the online platform is has a bedrock of solid decades of hardware experiences to stand on.


There are constraint and challenges has even though lots of Nigerians are online, people prefer to pay for their products on delivery, this has been one of the problems encountered by ecommerce in Nigeria, iCyrus are offering 10% discount to encourage customers to pay online with their credit cards. They also hope to deal with logistics issues to by providing a company delivery vehicle and a third party logistics companies and pickup point individuals just to ensure a good flow in business.