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If I am told to describe the HTC U11 in two phrases, I would say; beautiful to behold and stylishly smart. Yes oh yes, we know HTC as a company that always delivers beautiful and royally techy phones to us but the HTC U11 is by far their best work.  This phone comes armed with a battery of smart features in a handsized and pocketsized device. Smooth with just the right curves and smart properties, the HTC U11 makes a  stylish entry into the 2017 smartphone market.

The liquid glass surface of the phone is crafted to perfection using an optical spectrum hybrid deposition with a combination of layered hybrid refractive colours across th phone’s back, so that it produces a vivid array of colours with each movement, the HTC U11 is beauty at its peak.

If you thought the phone was only beautiful, well no, the HTC U11 is all shades of smart being the world’s first smartphone with hands free Amazon Alexa, yh Alexa is an uber smart assistant that responds once spoken to, with any information required, even when the phone is not in use or physically touched. Now if this isn’t hands free, then I don’t know what is.

Then did I mention how squeezy the HTC U11 is, with it’s edge sense, just a little squeezing of the edges let’s you take photos launch your favorite apps and without having to tap any icons at all. 

Oops, did I mention the adaptive earphones? I already told you the HTC U11 is all shades of smart. It actually comes with an adaptive earphone that maps your inner ear with an advances sonar like technology and then modifies and adapts the sound profile of the phone to your unique biology.

 Ladies and gentlemen, now that i have your attention, here is a rundown of this powerful statement making phone by HTC, the HTC U11.

Weight; 169 g (5.96 oz)

Height and width;

153.9 × 75.9 × 7.9


The HTC U11 screen comes.in just the right size with the right light. Yup, the phone has a default HD screen and is LCD, talk about a bright screen.

5.5 inch Quad HD  (2560 × 1440) pixels, super LCD 5



The HTC U11 screen comes with a 3D corning Gorilla Glass 5 (let’s just say your phone screen is pretty safe).

Water Protection;

With IP67, the HTC U11 is water resistant up to 1 meter deep and for as long as 30 minutes. Basically you can take you phone for a brisk walk in the rain.


The HTC U11 comes in very vibrant colours for every personality. Boasting of quite a range of about 5 colours, the HTC U11 comes in, Amazing Silver, Sapphire Blue, Brilliant Black, Ice White and Solar Red.


The HTC U11 functions using the new Android 7.1 OS and HTC Sense.


There’s no slowing down with the HTC U11 has a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 64 bit octa-core up to 2.45 GHz.


Adreno 540


The HTC U11 comes with either a 64 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM or a 128 GB ROM and a 6GB RAM. There is also a memory card slot expandable up to 256 GB (this phone screams storage!!!).


So you know how most cameras come with a more powerful. Back camera, well not the HTC U11, the reverse is the case with both powerful cameras in front and at the back but a higher mega pixel for the front camera. I mean let’s be real, sometimes I want to take my picture myself (for the best angle obviously), so why not get a camera that delivers perfect self taken selfies.

Front Camera;

This camera came to slay!! With a whopping 16 mega pixels, 2.0 aperture (for a wide view, when you want it), live make up (yes, you saw that right, the camera can actually apply make up on you while the photo is being taken, yea ladies, say hello to flawless morning or night photos), auto selfie, voice selfie (yup, no need to fiddle around for a button, just say the word and the camera clicks), selfie panorama. Well basically, the camera is awesome!!

Back Camera;

The HTC U11 back camera is not left out of the fun, clicking in with features such as a 12 mega pixel lens with HTC Ultra pixel 3, 1.4 pixel ultra speed, auto focus, optical image stabilization, a super wide aperture of 1.7 (now everyone can get in on the fun in those groupfies), dual LED flash (I don’t care if you took the picture at midnight, its gonna come out looking crispy clear), face detection, HDR boost and so much more.
The selfie game of this camera is on fleek, with an ultra pixel sensitivity for brilliant selfies, day or night, white balance enhancement and super fast auto focus (yh, it detects faces real quick), say hello to clear, quick and sharp pictures.


So, you know how you always wanted to started a vlog or YouTube channel but your phone video did not come on board? Well, the HTC U11 is an answer to your prayers. How? Well, the HTC U11 with all those super camera features, adds for the video,  slow motion video, 4k video recording, 3D audio enhancement and acoustic focus with Hi-Res audio (the sound game of this phone is so dope, you could produce a music video on it).


The HTC U11 comes with the HTC Usonic which has active noise cancellation (yup, wvwn if you made a video in a park, you can have only your content come through), 3D audio recording with 4 microphones (4 !!!) And HTC boom sound.


What’s the use of powerful features if there is not enough power to enjoy them. Well the HTC U11 has got you covered with a 3000 mAh battery that van provide you with up to 24.5 hours of talk time,  standby time of up to 14 days and well it charges quick too with the quick charge 3.0.

Digital Assistance;

The HTC U11 actually provides the user with two smart assistants. The first of course being Alexa which responds with information when asked. You could easily say,’ Alexa, what’s the weather forecast today?’ And Alexa responds anytime and anywhere without you having to press any buttons or tap any icons.

Then there’s the Al companion. This HTC sense companion devotedly gets to know you and learn your daily habits and patterns so that it adapts itself to offer you much smarter service.

Talk about built to help!


Well sensors are all the rage right now and the HTC U11 isn’t left behind coming with a range of sensors such as; sensor hub (which tracks your phone activity), motion G sensor, finger print sensor, compass sensor, gyro sensor, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor.


NFC, Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi, Miracast and airplay

The HTC U11 supports 2G, 3G, 4G LTR and GSM networks.
There you have it people, the full specifications of the HTC U11. It is expected to sell to about two hundred and sixty thousand naira (#260, 000) in Nigeria. 

 What do I say? Well done HTC, you delivered a perfect combination of style and smart.



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