HTC Desire Pro, HTC Lifestyle, Mobile phones

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HTC phones are among the best in the industry because they make high quality high-end phones. Their latest Flagship, the HTC 10 is comparable to the best in the industry in some aspects. And that is why it sold for about $700 when it was launched in April this year.

HTC Desire Pro, HTC Lifestyle, Mobile phones

But HTC, as well as any serious OEM, know that the mid-range market is where the money is. Even some mid-range phones like the OnePlus 3 phone are so high-end one wonders why they are called mid-range.

It seems the definition of mid-range is tied closely to how much the phones are sold in the market. So if you slap a $1000 price tag on the OnePlus 3, it suddenly becomes high end.

HTC Desire Pro, HTC Lifestyle, Mobile phones
HTC 10

Back to HTC and why they are in the news. It seems the company has decided it would release two new mid-range phones with names closely linked to the HTC 10.

Venture Beat is reporting that somebody closely linked with the company released this information unofficially. Like I said earlier, the phones would be mid-range phones but with good enough specs to attract enough buyers in the crowded mid-range market.

According to the rumours the phones are likely to be called Desire 10 Pro and Desire 10 Lifestyle. Only the details of Lifestyle were shared according to the report.

In terms of size and physical look, Lifestyle is going to be a 5.5 inch phone and is likely to be released in several colors to cater for different tastes. There would be metallic gold trimmings along the edges of the phone, camera, flash and the area around the antenna.

The rumors also indicated the phone would be powered by the Android 6.0, Marshmallow with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. Though for now, nobody knows speed of the processor.

HTC Desire Pro, HTC Lifestyle, Mobile phones
HTC headquarters

The display is likely to be full HD with a resolution of 720 × 1280 pixels. The memory would be in two variants. Which means there would be a variation in the cost of the phone depending on the size of the memory. One model is going to have a RAM of 3GB and internal storage of 32GB. The other is going to be lower at 2GB of RAM and internal storage of 16GB.

As for the camera specs, they look decent enough for a mid-range phone. The rear camera should have a 13MP rating with a single LED flash. The front camera on the other hand is likely to come with a 5MP camera.

Both front and back camera are capable of full HD recording of 1080p videos. That would be some interesting videos I must say. However, this is 2016, so full HD 1080p videos are not unusual in midrange phones.

Anytime you talk HTC, people look forward to one of their strengths which is the audio output. Apparently, HTC are going all out to make sure audio is really something to look forward to in Lifestyle.

HTC Desire Pro, HTC Lifestyle, Mobile phones
Cher Wang, HTC CEO

The Lifestyle is going to spot the awesome Hi-Fi Boomsound stereo speakers coupled with the top range 24-bit audio system. Not only that, included in the box would be high quality ear-buds that are designed to take advantage of the excellent audio of the phone. The frequency range of the earbuds have being markedly increased to give a sound output that is second to none.

Like I said earlier, all this would mean nothing if the cost of the phones scare the masses away. I guess they have to make sure the cost are modest enough to cover up for the rather disappointing performance of the HTC 10 especially in the US.

The poor market performance of the flagship device was underlined by the fact that T-Mobile halted sales just two months after the smartphone was released in the US.

With that at the back of their mind, I am sure HTC would do everything to make sure the mid-range phones are a commercial success.

The final bit of the rumour about the phones indicate the phones are likely to be released as early September this year.


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