HTC internet browser killed

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Lovers of HTC smartphones (and there are many of them them since HTC make some of the coolest high-end smartphones, like the HTC 10) would be sad to hear that the Thai company has decided to end support for the stock browser that comes with all HTC smartphones.

HTC internet browser killed
HTC Internet Play Store download page

The definitive date for this to take effect is the 30th of this month. So by the first of next month, HTC Internet would no longer be available on Play Store for people to download and install.

I don’t know how sad this news is to people who own HTC smartphones or to users of HTC Internet because frankly speaking, I don’t know too many people who use that browser on their phones.

Maybe it is because I don’t know many owners of HTC devices.

This notice to users was posted on the Google Play Store download page of HTC Internet. You’d think that an event like this deserved at least a press release on HTC’s website or some popular website so that people would know about it.

HTC internet browser killed
HTC Internet user interface on HTC smartphone

This is what you would see if you try to download and install HTC Internet through Play Store:

ATTENTION: The HTC Internet app is being discontinued and will be unavailable from the Play Store as of November 30, 2016. No further updates will be available after that time. You can export your saved bookmarks by installing this update.

What does this tell you about what HTC think about their browser? For me the answer is simple. HTC quietly resting the browser show it wasn’t much of a browser anyway. They know not many people would grief about the loss of the browser.

Don’t get me wrong though. I am pretty sure the browser had it’s good points, and could do some very impressive things like most browsers do. I mean, if two Nigerian kids can make a decent browser that works just fine, how much more a major tech company known worldwide?

The problem with browsers like the HTC is the number of people actively using them daily. Forget the fact that the stats on Play Store show it had been downloaded tens of millions of times. But do the same number of people actually use it daily as their default browser?

HTC internet browser killed
HTC Internet

The most likely answer is no. Many people download lots of apps on ihe Internet just to try them out. After the first few times, they lose interest and move back to what they are used to and comfortable with.

I have many apps like that on my phone. Somehow I never make the time to uninstall them for some reason.

The only silver lining I can think of is that HTC phones would have one less useless app to worry about.

All smartphones come pre-installed with apps users hardly ever use. And because they are system apps, they are also difficult or sometimes even impossible to uninstall and so these bloatware (that is another name for these useless apps) just remain on the phone hogging important space in the phone’s internal memory.

HTC internet browser killed
Infinix Hot 2, An Android One smartphone

That was the reason Google introduced the Android One system. This is to encourage OEMs to pre-install just a few essential apps in new Android phones.

This way, users would only install apps they actually need. And since these apps are user-installed, they are also easy to remove when we don’t know them.

Unfortunately though,  Android One smartphones never really caught on with the general public. At least, I don’t see many new phones being sold with only few pre-installed apps in them.

It is either people don’t like their new phones looking so bare or the OEMs would rather have users use apps they have determined are good for them. It is understandable since some of these pre-installed apps generate revenue through ads.


image credit:; Google Play Store; infinixmobilitycom