2016 mobile world congress

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2016 was a very fulfilling year for some people and for others, it wasn’t really encouraging to go on doing business. Some companies met and surpassed their targets, come were equal to their targets and others, like the one we are about to read didn’t even meet their targets at all.

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According to reports, HTC shipped 18 million units in 2015, but with shipments to the U.S., China and Europe falling this year, the company is expected to deliver just 10 to 12 million handsets for all of 2016.

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Now I really don’t understand why this drop is so glaring. I mean this year, a very direct competitor with HTC’s flagship phone HTC 10, was almost completely withdrawn from the market – the Galaxy Note 7. It was withdrawn for battery explosion issues. I want to suppose this incident was supposed to either directly or indirectly increase sales for the HTC company.

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Now viewing from a different angle, PhoneArena opines that Part of the reason for the poor performance in the U.S. is HTC’s continued lack of a marketing strategy. In addition, the company is apparently focusing on VR and its HTC Vive VR headset.

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When pre-orders for the pricey device started in the first quarter, HTC raked in $12 million in pre-order sales in the first 15-minutes. With a retail price of $799.99, focusing on the Vive could be quite profitable for the company. After all, in 2015 HTC stopped being the largest global smartphone manufacturer based in Taiwan.

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On the way forward, I guess HTC have been looking for a way to tackle this problem, so they are planning on hosting an event in January, just immediately after the CES event. What we do not know is what they are planning to launch on that day. Maybe the HTC 11 or the HTC X10, who knows?

Whatever their plan maybe, we do hope it is something worth it. If not, we can just conclude that their declining shipment numbers have just started.