Ever found yourself in a situation where you couldn’t find some or all of your  con

tacts on your device? Probably because it got deleted by mistake or on purpose. Now you need a particular contact but you don’t seem to know how to find it? Perhaps you want to reach out to an old friend, contact a relative; cousin, nephew or niece, obtain important information from a client or a business partner but you no longer have their contact on your device? Worry not, TechProducts brings to you how you can recover a deleted contact on your Android smartphone.

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The one good advantage about using Google contacts on the Android OS platform is that you can always restore deleted contacts anyday, anytime.

Now down to business: 

1. Go to google.com/contacts on your web browser.

2. On the left sidebar, click on More, afterwards, click on “Restore Contacts”.

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3. A popup window which displays several contact restore options appears. Choose the option which best suits your contact restoration needs and click the “Restore” button to complete the restoration process.

Your contacts are now restored.

There you have it people. You can now get back lost contacts without hassles! TechProduct’s got you covered!

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Feel free to let us know if you successfully got your contacts back or not. You can also request for more tutorials in the comment box

Image credits: GeeksNg