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Resorting to using the factory reset for your PC windows 8.1 version is a last ditch attempt to restore your PC to its once new and fresh state. I call it last ditch in the sense that you must have tried other alternatives to restoring the PC back to its normal functions and it still appears unyielding. Before concluding it’s all over for your PC, you can still make a safe attempt to restoring your PC back to its good shape.

No two ways about it, factory reset -just like restoring default settings on phones- has a higher chance of removing permanently every file and document on the PC. So, it is safer to back up all important files and documents in a safe place outside the walls of the PC before the reset process is embarked upon. One thing you can be rest assured of is that those files and garbage that have made the PC to get to the undesirable state will be eliminated.

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How To Factory Reset Windows 8.1 Version Of PC

The steps to reset a PC with a Windows version of 8.1 will be highlighted below:

1. Using your mouse, click on the right hand side of your screen and locate “Settings” on your PC.

2. Afterwards, select the “PC Settings“.

3. Having done that, you look for “Update and Recovery” and click.

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4. A new page appears before you, and then you select “Recovery”.

5. A number of Recovery options will be presented to you by Windows, just locate the “Remove everything and re-install Windows”.

6. Right under this option, you’ll click on “Get Started”.

7. Afterwards, a prompt will appear showing “All personal files and apps will be removed” and “your PC will be changed back to its default”. Just click “Next” right under it.

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8. A prompt will appear once more requesting if which drive you want the files deleted from. Then, you choose your suitable option.

9. Afterwards, you click on “Reset“.

10. Windows 8.1 will restore to default and then you’ll be asked to input your product key.

‘Fini’, you’re done with the factory reset.