Screenshots with windows Snipping Tool

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If you read how it was shown how easy it is to do a screenshot of whatever is showing on your Windows desktop, you would have noticed where I said that using ‘Prt SC’ was the first method I learned.

Screenshots with windows Snipping Tool
Windows Snipping Tool

This method came a little later and I happened on it inadvertently. I was reading the comments on one of my favourite websites when somebody explained how you could do a screenshot easily.

I almost did not read through because I thought it was the same trick of employing ‘Paint’ after using ‘Prt SC’ to take a snapshot of the screen. Fortunately, I read everything and found out this method is even easier than what I already knew. Goes to show we learn everyday.

This method involves using a little known ‘Snipping Tool’ buried inside the ‘Accessories’ folder in the ‘Programs’ menu.

Since I learned how to use sniping tool, I must confess I hardly use Prt SC for my screenshots. Sniping Tool is so much versatile and easier to use. And in combination with Paint or any other image editing softwares, you would do wonders with your screenshots.

How to use Snipping Tool

First of all we have to go through the normal way of opening programs on Windows. For Windows 8, swipe your finger across the touch pad of your laptop from left to right and click ‘Search’ when the side bar comes out.

In the Search box, just type out Snipping Tool. Then click the search result to open the software.

Windows Snipping Tool
Opening Snipping Tool

If you are using Windows 7, you can get at Snipping Tool through Start > All Programs >  Accessories >Snipping Tool. Or if you don’t mind typing (many people would rather not type if there is a way to use the mouse), after clicking the Start button, just type out Snipping Tool in the search bar that appears.

Click on Snipping Tool to open the software

This is where it gets interesting. After clicking Sniping Tool, the software appears as small box in the middle of your screen. Click on ‘New‘ at the left corner of the menu bar of the software.

Your desktop should turn somewhat grayish.

Windows Snipping Tool
Grey Screen when Snipping Tool opens

In some Windows operating system, the grayish effect comes on immediately you open the software, meaning you are set for the next step. No need to click on ‘New’ in that case.

Taking a screenshot with Snipping Tool is all about clicking, holding and dragging the mouse pointer across the screen. So it would even be easier if you have a mouse.

To grab the screen, click on the area and drag the mouse pointer away from the starting point. You would notice the grey area changing color to your normal desktop resolution indicating the areas you are about to capture.

Windows Snipping Tool
Cropped portion of Screen (Screenshot)

Keep holding and dragging the pointer until you are satisfied with what you’ve grabbed. Then release the mouse. The grabbed image would show immediately in the Sniping Tool UI. Of course Sniping Tool would become as big as the image you grabbed.

Sniping Tool  actually crops your screen. But nobody would know that you used Sniping Tool unless you told them.

To save the image, click the ‘File’ button in the menu bar and give the image whatever name you want.

Windows Snipping Tool
Saving screenshot

You can now use an editing software to tweak the image to your desire or you can use it like that. It all depends on what you want.

Apart from the fact that Sniping Tool is so convenient, you can choose any portion of your screen to grab. And the size of the image is totally in your control.


image credit:; austin Cyril (screenshots)