pornography on Google search

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Well, I have actually come in contact with certain people whose eyes would have remained a virgin if there was never anything like the internet. The internet is guilty of corrupting their once ‘holy’ eyes.

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This might not be totally their fault. You would agree that there are some words which have dual meaning, one of which is very explicit in nature. And unfortunately, you cannot tell Google the particular meaning of the word you typed to search, so the searchlist comes up, and by chance too.

pornography on Google search

Have you ever typed something like “I need a pussy” on Google, and it brought out some things you never expected. True, you might have meant you need a “pussy cat” but its too bad that Google doesn’t know that and therefore brings up a search list entirely different from your scope of thought.

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This also could be partly your fault – or the fault of your ignorance rather – as there is a way you can be sure you’re not seeing ponographic contents no matter what you try to search on Google. This is by turning on the ‘safe search’ feature. I’m very sure you haven’t heard of this feature, have you?

Well, to see ‘safe’ things while you search on Google, You would need to manually switch on Safe search. You can do this by going to Safe search . Under “SafeSearch filters,” check the box next to “Turn on SafeSearch.”

Safe search
Safe search

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And that’s it, you’re good to go.


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