It is really very agreeable that in this current world of today, mobile devices have become an integral part of human lives. You would also agree with me that they are gradually replacing computers and laptops – though I’m not sure if they totally can. As such, smartphone users tend to keep alot of information, documents and media files on their devices due to its flexibility and mobility.


Unfortunately, this in turn has a crucial effect on the availability of storage space on devices and results into poor or average functionality on your iPhone. Funny thing is – the more storage space we get, the more we get to store/keep stuff on our devices… meaning we can’t get enough. That’s why we suggest these methods of saving and properly utilizing storage space on your iPhone. Ladies and Gentlemen, shall we?

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1. Compress PDF (Price: Free)

I’m very positive there are countless number of times you have come across the size limit when trying to send a PDF file to a friend or colleague. Well, that would be a thing of the past if you’re reading this.

Compress PDF reduces the size of your documents on your iPhone and simultaneously keeps its quality at the same time. Depending on the original PDF, it can be diminished significantly or just a little bit. Also, it’s possible, through this App to compress PDF documents from the shared cloud services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box.

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2. PhotoShrinker (Price: Free)

The PhotoShrinker App is also a good App for saving storage space on your iPhone. I don’t know how this app does it but it manages to smartly shrink and also optimizes photos to use approximately only one-tenth of the space of the initial/original photos! Now that’s one helluva storage saviour!

Also,you don’t have to worry about the image quality of the compressed images as the image quality will look nothing less than the original image before compression. Sweet part is – it is available for free download on the iOS store.

3. Video Compressor (Price: Free)

You have learnt how to save storage space through PDF and image compression, now let’s move down to videos.

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Video Compressor is practically one of the easiest and simplest storage saver to use on the iPhone. Add your video to the app, specify the target size and save the final result. Easy as A. B. C, isn’t it? To think that video files takes approximately the highest amount of space on the iPhone and that you can select the size you would love to compress your video into, you should definitely give this a try.

4. iZip (Price: Free)

Firstly, I’ve gotta ask this, who else has a huge chunk of word documents, text files, audiobooks etc that are really scattered and disorderly placed in their file manager? Well, iZip is here to the rescue.

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iZip gives iPhone users a helping hand with document management. It also allows you to compress files into a ZIP file which helps with file reduction.


That’s it today for iPhone users. Make sure you try out these methods to utilize space on your device.

Android users should keep on checking this space for storage saving methods for their devices too.