how to know it is time to change your laptop in Nigeria

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 how to know it is time to change your laptop in Nigeria

 Time To Replace Your Laptop

Today laptops are considered to be must-have devices that we use for work, entertainment, and communication. It’s not uncommon for us to get really attached to our laptops for a variety of reasons but it’s also important not to ignore the obvious signs the device needs to be replaced. Learn the signs that it’s time to schedule a laptop upgrade and find your new affordable laptop on Jiji:

Regular crashes and glitches


Nothing is more annoying while using a laptop than having to encounter the Blue Screen of Death, display crashes, and other glitches that put you at risk of losing your valuable work. For a while you may try solving this problem by reinstalling Windows, but this solution won’t work for a long time. In this case a replacement is the smartest solution. how to know whne to change a laptop

Short battery life

Even if your laptop came with a strong battery when you originally bought it, it has likely deteriorated from time or wrong use. If your laptop currently can’t go even 15 minutes without being plugged to the charger, you need to decide whether you can carry on using the device while not moving away from the nearest power source for more than a few minutes. If you’re looking for more autonomy from your laptop, consider getting a new one.

performance, speed and battery factors to know when to change your system performance

Important features missing

Today it’s believed to be a standard for a laptop to come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi equipment, webcam, USB 3.0 capabilities, and other other essential features. However, the older your laptop is, the bigger is the chance that some or all of these features are missing. If you constantly find yourself needing to use the Wi-Fi and having no way of doing it, a new laptop will be the solution to your problem.

changing your laptop when to cange yur laptop buy laptop from


After all, the one way to determine whether a laptop meets your needs is to look at its performance and compare it to what you really need in your device. For example, if you’re regularly feeling disappointed because your laptop doesn’t run games from the last 3, 5, or 7 years, or you can’t install the latest app for working with photos, you won’t be able to take advantage of new software until you replace the device.

appearance performance and speed factors to change your laptop and desktop


If you regularly need to take your laptop out and use it in public, the look of the device also likely influences your enjoyment from using it. In case your laptop is thicker and heavier than the average modern laptop, has visible signs of wear like dents and scratches on its surface, it won’t win you the respect of your coworkers. It’s something you need to consider if you’re trying to make a good impression on the people you meet.