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It is not a hidden fact hat all these social networks, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many others that are not too popular have a lot of informations about us. according to an online user, he feels we all have sold our privacy to the social media. errm, i might be forced to agree but i won’t put it in that same way.

The actual thing most of the platforms use our informations for is to enable them serve targeted ads to us users on their platforms. This was very evident when Truecaller resolved to start serving ads as we do know that they have our phone number, activity details, and location at their very disposal. this would enable their ads to be very well targeted.

However, today, we’ll learn how to see how much information Twitter has on us. Why Twitter? Don’t worry, as we’d touch many others as we can as time goes on. Just follow the very simple steps below:

  1. Go to the settings on the desktop app (we haven’t been able to get this on the mobile app, yet).
  2. After which you select “Your twitter data.”
  3. You’d have to input your password again.
  4. There you have it.. almost all your data.
compilation of twitter informatons about users
Example: Image credit: MissTechy

So what would twitter show you? Twitter will show you information such as your age and gender, the devices and browsers you have used to log into your account, the places you have logged in from, and the apps Twitter has “collected” from your mobile devices.

Very recently, twitter has created plans which suggests that they want you to be able to personalize the type of ads you see, and i think it is a very nice move. If you must see ads, at least see the ones that’d interest you right? What do you think?



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