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I think the days of smartphone’s non affordability are about to come to an end with the recent speculations that there’ll be a surge in partnerships between smartphone makers and telcos so as to make their products more affordable for customers. The trend has started with SOLO phones and Airtel.

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SOLO Phones has partnered with Airtel Nigeria to give the latter’s subscribers an opportunity to purchase a mid-range smartphone, the Solo Aspire M for just N4,150. Errm, please have it in mind that you won’t be pay in N4,150 as total, but you will make installments of this same price over 12 months which would amount to N49,800.

SOLO Aspire M
SOLO Aspire M

Well, this might just be a saving grace for some to acquire the SOLO Aspire M smartphone at maybe NOT a low price, but with a flexible payment plan which is what some people actually needs. So I’d be listing out the criteria and process for using this opportunity.

1. Please note that you must be an existing Airtel subscriber. Existing means as at this point (or at the point when the deal was announced), you were an Airtel subscriber. So please if you were not, do not rush to go and register an Airtel Sim, it wouldn’t change anything.

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2. On a second note, Airtel reserves the right to choose the eligible customers, through a criteria that we do not know. But to know if you are qualified for the Solo Aspire M device, you would receive a text message from Airtel telling you to visit one of their stores. Please when going, take this message as proof.

3. Also, before heading to the nearest Airtel store, you have to get certain documents ready to prove your identity as a Nigerian citizen. These documents include:


International Passport.

Drivers’ License.

Permanent voters’ card.

National ID card.

Utility Bill with your home address.


And finally, your first N4,150 (you wouldn’t want to forget that, would you)?

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It is very commendable that the makers of Solo Aspire M have decided to toe this part, and more commendable that Airtel chose to support them. So when are you purchasing you Solo Aspire M smartphone?

BTW, expect our review on Solo Aspire M soonest.



  1. I am one of your regular customer since 2002 have been using Airtel line, and I think this opportunity for me to get this Solo Aspire M from you, I love the Phone too much, I have try Renmoney direct to their Head office from there to the branch office which the branch office said they don’t no no about the phone,
    Please, how can I get the phone, this is my no- 08028106012(since 2002 to call) and 09022128613(since 2015 to browse).
    Please I need the Text message from Airtel.
    Thanks, I await your response.

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