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First is, do you love your country? Because as situations are presently, I know know a whole lot of people who are definitely not in love with their country. This might be because of economic or political reasons.

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But then, there are still a few ones which do. For these one, do you love your country enough to showcase their flag and flaunt them on your Facebook profile picture? If yes, then this post is for you.

Image credit: Misstechy.com
Image credit: Misstechy.com

Facebook has made provisions to add every country’s flag and other frames to users’ profile picture. This could help in instant recognition of users’ country and all. Just follow me as I lead you to do this.

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1. Click on this link, this would take you to Profile frames, where you’d get options of “add frame”, “change picture”.

2. Select “Add frame.” (For desktop users, move to the next step).

3. You should see a window where you can search for the country flag you wish to use.

4. Finally, set a time limit and you are good to go!

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Please note that the frames are not just limited to country flags. Frames which depicts the football club sides you support can also be used, a ‘merry Christmas’ frame can also be used and many others like that.



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