facebook hidden meassages

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Have you ever had this embarrassing moment where an friend demanded to know why you didn’t respond to their Facebook message? You gape open-mouthed wondering, ‘what Facebook message?’ Because to be fair to you, you never saw any message from said friend. This is the result of Facebook hidden messages

facebook hidden meassages

Well, its time to access those Facebook hidden messages you never saw. It turn out that Facebook have other in-boxes where they put messages they consider not relevant to you; especially spam messages and messages from friends who are not your Facebook friends on Facebook. And the amazing thing is, it is not that hard to find. You can find these Facebook hidden messages in either your Facebook Messenger app, on the Web or when your browse Facebook on your handset with your good old Opera Mini or UC browsers.

Find Facebook Hidden Messages in Messenger app
1.When you open the Messenger app on your smartphone, navigate to Settings at the top right hand corner of bottom right. Sometimes you have to hit the options button on your smartphone to see the settings tab
2. Click on the People tab
3. Tap on Message requests. Scroll down and you’ll see a tab that says ‘See filtered requests
Here you’ll see all the messages you missed including spam messages.

Find Facebook hidden messages on the Web.
Getting to see those Facebook hidden messages on your computer is easier than through the app. The easiest way is to click https://web.facebook.com/messages/other?action=recent-messages .

Find Facebook hidden messages on phone browsers like Opera mini and UC browser.
Browsing Facebook on my phone browser is how I use Facebook most. The Facebook app is known to consume a lot of data. And we know how expensive data is. Comparatively, browsers like Opera Mini use considerable less data because of their data compression technology.

Another reason I hate using the Facebook app is the power consumption. Generally the Facebook app uses up battery power faster. That is why the phone easily gets hot when using the app.

To see those messages you missed on your phone browser is even easier. Open Facebook on your phone browser. Tap on the message icon to open your inbox. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll see all the categories where the hidden messages are. These are

Message Requests
Filtered messages
Archived Messages
unread messages
spam messages

Click each one to see what’s hidden in them. You just might get a surprise. Just like I got when I tapped on Message Requests. I saw a very important message, which sadly, was two months old. Missed a fair amount of money there.


photo credit: theguardian.com