Mark Essien weds Jenni Naiaretti

Writer and Social entrepreneur.

Mark Essien, Software Developer from Ikot Ekpene cum CEO, HotelsNG – Nigeria’s leading online hotels booking agency in Nigeria on Saturday, got married to his beautiful bride and Lead Developer, GeneO Ltd, Jenni Naiaretti.

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One very beautiful thing about the union of these two is the fact that they are both techies and surely would understand themselves to the very most. One can only wonder what kind of children they have – pure techies.

Mark Essien weds Jenni Naiaretti
Mark Essien weds Jenni Naiaretti

As you’ll envisage, a lot of his friends who are either entrepreneurs or CEOs in their own right all took to Akwa-Ibom in support of their friend. Just imagine the crop of people that’ll attend the wedding. It would be fair to say it was a ‘wedding of techies’. One might not even know if it’s a developers meet-up or a wedding.

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Already, within Q1 of this year, Mark’s start-up, HotelsNG launched its online flight booking service on her website. This can be said to come at the perfect time, as Mark’s wedding will see lots of Lagos dwellers and his friends from over the would come to his hometown.

As expected, Mark’s company also had a special arrangement for his wedding. Transportation services (Flight and road), as well as accommodation services, were listed on the dedicated HotelsNG page for this purpose. Also, a service called Travelfy was used to discover ideas, talk about the trip, build an itinerary, and share group expenses.

The Travelfy page for Mark and Jenni’s wedding has a list of events and activities running from Thursday, April 6 to Monday, April 10, 2017. So if you missed out on the fun from  Saturday, then you might still have a saving grace for today.

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So from the TechProducts team, we want to wish Mark Essien and Jenni Naiaretti a very happy married life.