Over the last two years, working to create an App that can perfectly master the art of suggesting and picking the best time to book for flights has been the deal with Hopper. Hopper is often used and very helpful in making decisions concerning flight booking over the past year, plus in addition the fact that the App can keep track of trips a year earlier it makes it an efficient and useful App for long term planning. So now this particularly unique feature of Hopper is being extended to a new area of travel which is; hotels, therefore, come Wednesday users can now book and make hotel reservations through the App in exactly same manner flights are booked.

The user has the duty of letting Hopper know when and where the user will like to travel then App monitors price fluctuations and gives best case counsel on when best to make reservations since Hopper says it can accurately predict about ninety five percent (95%) of the time when best to book.

The following are procedures on how it works:

You add your travel dates and destination into the App, Hopper then pulls up an aerial map view of the city you are traveling to.

Aerial Map View of Destination

After which you can see all the available hotels in the area including the ones color coded similar to Hopper’s flight booking calendar such as green for cheap through to color red which signifies very expensive. and also just like with Hopper’s flight section, you can tap “Watch this trip” to get alerts about price fluctuations over time.

If you select any of the available hotels, you will be able to access some price information such as how it makes comparison to other hotels nearby and if Hopper thinks its the best time to book.

Information Rating

Then after this tapping again on the hotel again brings you to the hotel’s available page within the App because Hopper picks each hotel specifically and then sends out a team of photographers to capture photos and videos of the hotel, the rooms, and the surrounding environs.

The result of this is short and straight to point messages like Instagram stories shown below.

Result of Double Tapping images

After which you can book through Hopper App which also saves your card details for easy and one time booking and after booking you see  all upcoming travel with dates and confirmation codes in one place within the App.

Worthy of note and in conclusion the Hopper will only for now run on iPhones that have the iOS 11 and new hotels feature is rolling out in New York for a start,  while ten others markets are to come inclusive of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami.