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Over the years, smartphones have become more sophisticated while featuring more and more complex hardwares. Sophistication certainly comes at a price, one of which is increased power consumption. With this sophistication, most smartphones barely last a day before running out of electric juice , this presents a problem, for some people more than others — a real serious problem. The need to overcome this challenge has led to the rise of backup batteries and portable power generators. But more often than less, this so called ‘ portable ‘ power generators are not ‘portable’ enough to serve our on the go charging needs. Truly portable backup batteries or power banks present us with an opportunity to carry a day or more’s worth of electric juice for powering our portable electronic gadgets while on the go. Portability and utility — that’s the watchword, Danish tech startup Infinity PV is prioritizing compactness and smart power generation as it presents a solution to generating power as well as charging on the go.
helion power bank
Image credit: Infinity PV

The solution, the company’s new HeLi-on device can store power and perharps more importantly can also capture energy from the sun to produce electricity. The selling point of the HeLi-on power bank/ generator is in its rather surprisingly compact design. At first glance, the compact design isn’t really obvious. However, after pulling out the several feet long solar panel wrapped around the power bank’s reserve power storage (bartery) – one thing is obvious — HeLi-on isn’t your average power bank or as the designers prefer to call it “not your average solar charger” . As the designers claim the HeLi-on is ‘perhaps’ the world’s most compact solar charger. For a power generating gadget it fits quite easily into your pocket, and the solar panel can also be rolled out quite easily when needed. HeLi-on measures just 11.3 x 3.6 x 2.8 centimeters and weighs 105 grams. The internal battery can be charged either with the solar panel or with any USB charger. The HeLi-on charger is compatible with any device charging through USB, from Smartphones, flashlights, walkie-talkies, portable game consoles to cameras.
printed solar cells
Image credit: Infinity PV

HeLi-on — Key Features

Weighs just 105 grams (3.70377 oz)
Features a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery
Enough power for a full charge of any (if not most ) smartphones
Compatible with any USB charged device
Flexible solar panels
Power rating of 3 Watts


Solar Powered Backpack— charging your device on the go

With a power rating of 3 Watts the HeLi-on can juice up most smartphones to full battery strength in just 2-3 hours. Using the solar charger is quite simple. All you need do is roll out the solar panel either to charge up the embedded battery or charging your device directly. Normally you can charge an external device in two
ways with the HeLi-on solar charger. Either unroll the solar panel and charge directly from sunlight or use the embedded battery to charge. HeLi-on is powered by a flexible solar cell foil made by infinity PV . The solar cells are designed to be less than 2 micrometer thick, but encapsulated in a protective foil on both sides. The HeLi-on is currently on Kickstarter, seeking DKK500,000 of funding (about $71,953) for production.