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If you are one those busy people whose day-to-day activity involves sending and receiving a lot of emails, the Inbox app by Google must have being a lifesaver for you.

inbox app

For those who don’t know, Inbox is a trimmed down alternative to the traditional Gmail. Mostly it functions to organize the inbox part of your emails. But it has many other functions too. One of the most important is that it can Undo Send, a feature which even the main Gmail is yet to offer. Sending mail to your most frequently contacted people is a breeze with the Inbox app. For casual users, Inbox is really what you need.

Now, Google yesterday decided to update the Inbox app to make it easier to find what you need by using the search function of the app. This feature obviously is not for a casual email user. Those who receive and send tons of emails daily would find this update really useful.

It works like this, when you do a search of your inbox for something, instead of just giving a list of all the important emails that are related to your search query, this update version of the Inbox app would present you with a card that lists all the information you need.

inbox app

For instance, if you need to find orders you made, inbox produces your search results in the form of an easy-to-read card that lists your orders.

According to Google, this new update can find almost everything (from addresses, phone numbers, meetings, occasions, bookings, flight reservations, bills, etc) that find their way into your inbox.

In a blog post yesterday, the product manager of the Inbox app, Govind kaushal, had this to say about the introduction of the upgrade to Inbox,

Emails can contain all sorts of important information–from your friend’s new address, to a flight confirmation number or a link to pay a bill. The challenge is, these bits of info are often buried inside larger conversations. Starting today, Inbox includes a number of improvements to help you find answers even faster. Now when you’re searching for a frequent flyer number or shipping status (for example), Inbox will show it at the top of search results–no more digging through individual emails to find what you’re looking for.”

He went on further to describe how to navigate the new feature

“Underneath any quick answers, you’ll see a “Top results” section that orders emails by relevance. Below that is all the email results, ordered by date, but chances are you won’t have to look here often.”

So what looks like a slight tweak is really actually something very important. You really get to appreciate it’s importance when you understand how hard it is most times to bring up an old email from your inbox. I have being faced with situation where I spent over thirty minutes trying to dig up an old email. Sometimes without success. And l’m not even a heavy user of email.

This is one in a series of upgrades to the Inbox app since Google introduced it. Last December Google upgraded the advanced trip bundles that helps users automatically collect various emails related to upcoming trips. The new upgrade ensures that you can share the information with those who need to know very easily.

And further back in November, an Inbox app smart reply function was added to the Inbox app. This feature uses advanced machine learning technology to determine which of your emails require just a short reply. Not only that, it then prepares a list of of short responses for you to consider as your reply to the email.

If you don’t have the Inbox app in your smartphone and you do emails a lot, I guess its time you installed it.

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