Google Wants To Teach You How To Code Android Applications In Nigeria, World

Google teaching nigerians how to code for android applications

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Google teaching nigerians how to code for android applications
Google teaching nigerians how to code for android applications

Google is ready to teach everyone including Nigerians in third world countries how to code an Android applications, you might not code the next SnapChat or Uber, but a reasonable app you will be able to proud and do the basic things. For those who are interested on writing codes for Android platform that is being manage by Google Inc, this is the best place to start learning to code for Android apps

We really do not want to believe that Google find this necessary after Apple came out at their last WorldWide Developers Conference that they will be releasing an application to teach people how to code for IOS platform.


The Real News On Google Teaching Nigerians How To Code For Android


Learning to make your own Android apps isn’t easy, especially if it’s your first time programming anything. Do you find a tutorial and hope for the best? Sign up for classes at the local college? Google might have a better way. It’s introducing a free Android Basics nanodegree at Udacity that has Google experts teaching you how to write simple Android apps, even if you don’t know a lick of code. The online course guides you far enough through Android Studio that you’ll have an “entire portfolio” of programs by the time you’re done — you may not write the next Instagram, but you should be comfortable.

You can pay for coaching, career counseling and other help if you like, and Google is encouraging you to to move on to the Career-track Android nanodegree if you see development as your calling in life. It’ll even give you a scholarship for that mini-degree if you’re one of the first 50 people to complete the Basics course. No, Google isn’t giving things away out of sheer generosity (it wants to foster the next big Android hit). However, this is still an important gesture. While many operating system creators will gladly give you the tools to get started, it’s rare that they show you how to use those tools when you’re an absolute rookie.

Now that you that your locations and fund doesn’t matter, will you take this opportunity being offered by Google to teach everyone how to code? Or do you think Google can always do better in given instructions and resources for all people who are interested to solve problems with coding? Lets us hear your view.


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