Google to spend millions of dollars to market pixel phones

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According to a Reuters reports, Google is to embark on a significant marketing campaign to aid the launch of its new Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. According to sources, the company has already spent $3.2 million for television ads, and advertising managers expect its marketing spend to stretch into the hundreds of million of dollars.

Google to spend millions of dollars to market pixel phones
Google to spend millions of dollars to market pixel phones

Well, I can imagine the frustration and zeal to sell a whole lot of smartphone units, especially when the sales of brands like Apple and Samsung run into tens of million units and you want to match their feat, forgetting that you are a newbie, if not anywhere else, in the smartphone industry.

This is the necessary price for competing on even ground with direct competitors Samsung and Apple’s bullish marketing presence. Ad execs say that Google is now faced with positioning itself as a consumer technology maker whose brand must rival that of the established players in the smartphone industry.

Google to spend millions of dollars to market pixel phones
Google to spend millions of dollars to market pixel phones

While Google isn’t keen on sharing marketing spending numbers, it has stated that the Pixel marketing campaign will be “very significant.” It’s also likely that the company will buy ad space during Thanksgiving football games, potentially spending millions of dollars. Moreover, U.S. carrier Verizon, which has dibs on selling Google’s smartphones in the United States, is gearing up to make “a significant investment of its own” across all advertising mediums, spanning the period between the smartphones’ Oct 20 retail debut on through the holiday season.

“This is the first time they are in the position of selling themselves to people, as opposed to selling themselves to brands,” said Rachel Pasqua, practice lead, connected life at MEC Global, a New York-based advertising agency.

Over the two days of the Google launch, when the company could be expected to spend heavily, Apple spent $2.45 million and Samsung spent $1.4 million, according to, showing a competitive start for the Pixel.

According to Mike McKay, Chief Creative Officer of Eleven Inc., a San Francisco-based agency that works with Apple, “But Google still must work to find its creative signature in advertising. The first spots for the Pixel phones bore some similarities to Apple’s ads, he said, noting the familiar stark white backdrop and shots of a slowly rotating phone.

“When you have an inferior brand, it’s OK to compare yourself to someone to elevate you,” he said. “But when you are such a strong brand like Google, you have to find your own voice.”

We are really hoping Google do find their voice in the industry. It could well be tiring competing with the big guns who are still spending as much as you are, maybe more.



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