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Have you ever encountered the error 927 code on Google Play store before? It won’t be surprising if you have not because there are literally thousands of error messages on the play store. If you use Google play store a lot, chances are you would come across the error 927 code sooner or later.

error 927

Well it did happen to me when my YouTube app decided to always give me this message ‘unfortunately YouTube has stopped working’ anytime I switch on my phone or reboot it. I ignored it for a long time because I don’t do YouTube on my mobile device due to my limited data. It’s a crying shame really because I do love watching those millions of video clips.

I got fed with the YouTube error message and decided to just update it from play store. For the records, one of the ways of solving any app error issues on your Android smartphone is to just update the app from play store. So I opened play store, searched and found YouTube and clicked update. After a while of nothing happening, play store popped this notification on my screen, “There was a problem downloading YouTube. Error 927” or something like that.

My first instinct was to let it go and manage my phone like that. But curiosity, the bane of my short life, kicked in and took over. I did the normal Google search research. It turned out, it was easy to fix the problem if one just knew where and how to look.

First of all, you must have data and a working Internet connection for this to work. These are the steps to fix the error 927 code on play store


a.Go to ‘settings’ on your smartphone, scroll down to ‘app‘, then swipe your screen to ‘all‘, look for Google play store and select it.
b.Then temporarily disable Play Store by clicking on the ‘force stop’ tab. Tap ‘ok’ to the warning message that pops up.
c.Then scroll down a bit and tap the ‘clear data‘ and or ‘cache files‘ box(es).

That’s about it for the first step. You can now go back to Google play store (or launch the Google play directly from the settings) and update or download your app. In my own case, I was able to install an updated version of YouTube without seeing the error 927 code again.

error 927

If at this point it doesn’t work, you can also try and and uninstall any recent updates made to play store by doing this: go back to settings > apps > all > Google play store > uninstall updates. Then launch Google play store again and see if it works.

The second method is to log into your Gmail account and remove it before doing step one above. To remove your Gmail account go to ‘settings’, then scroll down to ‘accounts.’ Here you’ll  see several accounts like Facebook, whatsapp, and any other one you had signed into using your phone. Select ‘Google‘ and finally tap ‘Remove account‘. Sometimes you need to click the phone options button to see the ‘remove account’ tap.

Then ‘force stop’ the the Play store app and clear data and cache like in the first step. Then go back to ‘accounts‘ in settings and add your Gmail account again.

That’s all for the second method. Just go back to Google play store and try downloading your apps from there.

The third method is generic and not specific to error 927 code or any any codes in Play Store. Sometimes the inability to download or update any app from play store is connected to the available memory on your device. If the device memory is too low, you won’t be able to download any app, unless the size of the apk is less than the available memory.

The fix for this problem is to check your memory to make sure you have enough space. If you don’t you can
a. Delete some files to free up space
b. Change the install location to your microSD card. You can do this easily by going to settings > storage > default write disk. Under ‘default write disk’ change it to SD card. Make sure your microSD card has enough storage space.

That’s it. These are the simple, yet effective way to solve error 927 code message in Google play store. As earlier stated, these methods also work for other error codes and messages you might encounter while using Google play store.



  1. Google play store is not working properly,,,
    Its showing all times “there is not enough space on this device”
    But my sd card is empty,,but phone memory is little bit full,,,
    I move all installation in sd card
    Help me …?

    1. Hi Amol, the easiest way to deal with “there is not enough space on this device” is to delete apps and files from your phone’s internal storage (not external SD card).

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