Google teaching nigerians how to code for android applications

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Google has been trying lately to be innovative – not as innovative as Facebook though – hoping they would increase their fan base – I don’t know how much they might want to increase it to, because it all seems like there’s no more increase for them. Google might have reached their peak already.

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Have you ever tried to do the normal thing everyone does on Google and at that moment, you weren’t able to do it. Maybe as a result of poor or very unstable data connection. Well, it seems Google may have a way they think that could be checked.

I want to lay emphasis on “they think” because I, for one, don’t think whatever innovation they see this as, I think it is a needless one, or maybe it is just a public show to be in the news. Well, let’s hear your own opinion at the end of the matter.

Google teaching nigerians how to code for android applications
Google android

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Big Daddy Google has made provisions for offline searches available for android phones. This offline search mode will allow you to store up your searches on the Google app so you can see the results later when there’s stable connection. A nifty feature, especially for the absent-minded ones.

Google offline search for android app
Google offline search for android app

While this might be a good solution, through Google’s point of view, I think I’d just search for whatever I want to when the network is stable. I might be saying this because I’m not “absent minded” though – but which smartphone user is absent minded when it comes to monitoring a stable network. Your guess is as good as mine.

Again, people use the Google search when they need an information immediately. So tell me, what is the point of saving up a search when the information might be as well useless by the time the network becomes stable. No point, right?

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Well, those who would benefit would benefit but for me, I only see this as an option when all other hope is lost, and I don’t really see all hope being lost for me to the extent that I’d have to rest my chin on my hand waiting for a stable network to Google search. Do you?


You can download the latest Google search android app to enjoy the feature – if you deem fit.