Android Nougat, Google

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The wait for the name of Google’s new operating system is over. Nougat is the name given to the new OS that would be released in a few months time.

Android Nougat, Google
Android N

Google made the announcement on Snapchat yesterday ending speculations about whether the new OS would be called Nutella. At least that has being the name strongly linked with Android N. That goes to show that sometimes a strong rumor doesn’t necessarily mean a story is true.

Android N was initially unveiled in March this year. So far, developers have being trying out the beta versions of the OS. As of now, developers are on the second and apparently very stable beta version.

If you have this niggling feeling that Android Nougat is coming a bit too soon, you are not alone in holding that thought. Nougat succeeds Marshmallow which was released just last year.

Even some OEMs are just releasing their first Marshmallow mobile phone. Given that fact, you can be sure that many millions of individuals are yet to upgrade to the Android Marshmallow.

Android Lollipop The Most Popular OS

In fact, it was just about three months ago that Google announced that Android Lollipop overtook the Kitkat as the most popular OS in use. Which means before March this year, Android 4.4, Kitkat, was the most used OS in the world. And this is an OS that that is twice removed from the Marshmallow.

Android Nougat, Google
Android kitkat vs Android Lollipop

The records show that it took Lollipop 16 months from the time it was launched to usurp the number one position from Kitkat. On can imagine how long it would take Marshmallow to take the pole position.

Perhaps, with the launching of the Nougat, users would just skip the Marshmallow by the time they have money to upgrade to a new phone. Basically, Google has just condemned the Marshmallow to an OS that would hardly ever become mainstream.

Just like a rolling Stone. Never staying long enough to plant important roots in a particular place.

As of now, Marshmallow is still a long way from that number one position. Just about 3% of devices use the Marshmallow. Even though it has many important features compared to the lollipop.

Android Nougat, Google
Android Lollipop

What could be responsible for the slow adoption of new OS? It could all boil down the the economics involved. But sometimes, adoption of a new OS only involves the use of data to upgrade the software after the manufacturers push the update to users.

The problem could be more complex though. Or it could be just a matter of convenience. For instance, many people find it rather tedious to go through the process of updating a phone’s software.

They will rather remain with their old OS especially if there is no big problem with it. Which in a way is an indirect accusation at Google. Or a direct way of telling Google people don’t buy into the hype of a new OS that promises the world.

Some New Features In Nougat

Android Nougat, Google
Nougat vs Marshmallow

Google though is not promising the world with Android Nougat. Just the obligatory security improvements. Other new features include

  • improved notification shade
  • better split multitasking capabilities
  • Doze, which launched in the Marshmallow has being improved
  • Most notably, the Android Nougat also has an integrated VR platform known as Daydream. Though the feature will only work in Daydream-enabled mobile devices.

Pending Issues In Releasing New OS

As we wait for the release of the Nougat, perhaps it is high team Google took time to evaluate how new OS are released. A good suggestion is, they should not be in a rush to release new operating systems. Let the current or latest OS take root first.

And they should put a bit of pressure on OEMs not to waste time before pushing out the new updates to their customers.

Some OEMs are notorious for not allowing OTA updates. They’d rather release new phones with the new OS. A sneaky way to exploit the consumers. Google should look into this behavior and do something if possible.


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