Pixel Mobile
Pixel Mobile
Pixel Mobile

Pixel mobile; the first phone ever to have built Google Assistant with more than average good display, impressive weight, sleek and use comfy combo. In relation to battery power an estimated standby time up to 22 days, Talk time of 32 hours, Internet use time about 14 hours, and fast charging up to 7 hours use from 15 minutes of charging.

Google is set with the intention of making the best phone in the world, going a step further to purchasing the non-exclusive intellectual property of HTC the team behind the design and production of the Pixel Phone for a whooping sum of One Billion, one hundred Million American Dollars ( $1,100,000,000 ).
Implications of this Google – HTC Contract include:
Half of the Four thousand people in R&D team at HTC will join Google,
The remaining R&D team will focus on HTC’s own smartphone brand as well as VR technology,
This deal makes Google a manufacturer of it’s own phones,
And yes HTC’s smartphone business is not dead.
It is however interesting to note in remembrance that is not happening for the first time as Google has before now taken a stake  in a smartphone manufacturing company ( cc @Motorola ) which was not positive resulting and now probably begs the question “Why now and Again”