Go keyboard app hacking you to make money says AdGuard

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Go keyboard app hacking you to make money says AdGuard
Go keyboard app hacking you to make money says AdGuard

Without explicit user consent, the GO keyboard reports to its servers your Google account email in addition to language, IMSI, location, network type, screen size, Android version and build, device model, etc.

Some of the downloaded plugins aremarked as Adware or PUP by multiple AV engines.

The above statement was made by an internet security firm named AdGuard. It was stated by the company that the owner of the keyboard app, GO, does the opposite of what is stated on their app stores of not selling or storing the user data. In the developer website, it was clearly stated they have nothing to do with the over 100 million users that used the app daily.

But the investigation done by the AdGuard has claimed the opposite, not only does GO store your data but it always uses it to serve ads to its users. In addition to this, it was found that the GO keyboard app pushes adware and executable codes to users phones. Not stopping at that, the mod operandi of the GO team goes further to “using a prohibited technique to download dangerous executable code.”

Why we implore that TechProducts.com.ng users should be very careful of what Keyboard apps they used and how they are making their money to advertise, power their servers and also pay their team. If you do not know the how the app owner of keyboard you are using as a smartphone owner, their high probability of using you as their owner. At the end of the day, someone has to look for money, and someone has to give, unfortunately, it could be you.

Go is one of the top keyboard app on Android, I cannot says that for IOS users since I am not using iPhone, yeah. So if you want me to recommend an app for your keyboard, I will recommend Google keyboard or the default keyboard that comes with your phone.

Chances are that the keyboard that comes with your phone might not that predictive enough as the most teen might who spends hours chatting and updating their social media status every day. So be careful of where you type your credit card information.

To be candid, GO as the team might not use your data or resell, but since they are storing your data, any hack can take the avoid to try the server and retrieve all millions of users data to sell on the dark web

We should not forget that in the Security and Privacy at the description, the Go developer has this below to make:

Do You Have ‘Go Keyboard’ App Installed on Your Device? Then You Need to Read This!

Because nothing is private anymore. 

Remember Go Keyboard?

It’s a popular keyboard app with over 100 million downloads. However, security researchers from Adguard claim that the app is spying on users. And by spying, I mean, transmitting personal information about users back to its remote server, making worrying connections,  as well as “using a prohibited technique to download dangerous executable code.”

In the app description, the developers say:

We will never collect your personal info including credit card information. In fact, we cares for privacy of what you type and who you type!