Internet users statistics in Nigeria

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Whenever I call the Globacom network the “grandmasters of data”, I have that deep down feeling in me that I’m not being fair to other network operators trying their best too but now, Globacom has helped justified my initial position, even without asking them to do so.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS solutions provider Globacom has been confirmed the sole network that increased its Internet subscriber base in October.

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According to data published on the website of telecoms industry regulator, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the number of Internet users on the networks of the four major operators shrunk by 378,015 from 93.5 million in September to 93.1 million in October.

Internet users statistics in Nigeria
Internet users statistics in Nigeria

A lot of factors could be blamed for this, one of which of course could be the data price hike which was, and is still being proposed by the NCC. Other factors could be the poor or inadequate internet facilities and the likes.

As things stand now, Globacom is undoutedly Nigeria’s leading data provider as it grew its Internet customer base to 27,185,552 in October from 26,887,929 in September. This indicates an increase of 297,623 during the month. This is what you get when you make internet access very easy for people – you lead others.

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But I for see a trip in these number statistics. Why? You will agree with me the most customers are on Glo mainly for the Blackberry Internet Service because it is very cheap and they go to the extent of changing their android imei just to use this service. Now that Glo has stopped the service, what do you imagine will happen? Plastic customers would most likely find solace in other network operators.

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Glo data

Still on the internet subscribers stats, MTN and Etisalat had reductions in customers surfing the net on their network during the period. Airtel did not record any increase as its figures for the two months were the same.The data showed that MTN had 32,464,779 subscribers browsing the Internet on its network in October, which is a decrease of 306,480 Internet subscribers from the September figure of 32,771,259.

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On its part, Airtel had 18,832,238 Internet users in October, the same figure it recorded in September. Like MTN, Etisalat had 14,693,492 data customers in October, showing a loss of 369,158 compared to the 15,062,650 users it recorded in September.


Glo is improving, Airtel is stagnant while others are falling. What Network are you using to browse presently?