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For sometime now,  we have always had a “grand master of data”. We all agreed with them then,  maybe because their rates were very good but now we must say that the title is self acclaimed as telecommunications coy, Globacom has done a downward review of their data prices, and this one’s not willing at all.

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Before now, Globacom can be said to have the best data plans and prices amongst all other coys but that status has come under threat already with this development.  We’d know the full details in a bit.

Before the change, Glo offered 1.6 GB for N500, 3.2 GB for N1000 and lots more cheap data prices like that. But today, 1.6 GB is for N1000 and many others doubled like that too.

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It is also very important to note that the coy carried out this act without prior notice. No warning, or any other form of before hand notice to customers.  It just came as a new day gift to their customers.

The fear outside though is that other networks do not follow suit. If Glo that has been considerate enough, data wise could go back to do this, we can only imagine what the likes of MTN, Airtel and Etisalat would do.

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Another point of concern is that instead of reducing the prices of certain things, we’re witnessing an increase. This isn’t right especially in the face of the current economic instability where citizens are not very strong on their feet. But then, that is how it is.