Bose's Sleepbuds

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 Bose's Sleepbuds
Bose’s Sleepbuds

With great desire to have a sound sleep away from snores and noises, a company came up about 2 years ago with this incredible smart earplugs. the company that goes by the name Hush suddenly disappeared off the grid and was no longer responding to public views. Investigations have now revealed the secret behind the long silence, Hush was acquired by Bose, which has brought back the noise-repelling buds with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

These new earplugs have gone through extra redesign from what Hush modeled but the basic tech has not been tampered with. It still has its functions to block sleep-disturbing sounds like dog barks, snores, noisy neighbors, road traffic through isolating ear tips and pleasant sound to replace the noise. These Sleepbuds come with an alarm that you will set in the Bose Sleep App, they also have a case for one full recharge.

The idea of Crowdfunding is to help the company put the product to test and gauge the market interest with the help of the fans. Then after the bugs have been fixed, the product either runs into the market for world distribution of its dropped as another failed project. We can not really blame companies like Bose for choosing this technique, it is a high reward and low-risk platform for them. All thanks to the websites Indiegogo and Kickstarter that takes up the challenge of the crowdfunding.

The idea has so much worked as Bose has already raised almost half a million dollars from few thousand backers. Though the campaign has about 23 days left and won’t be delivering goods until February 2018, all the pricing tier from $150 to $185 have been sold out already. There might just be another tier opening up soon to match up the high rate of demand on the product.