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The thing about the 21st century is that lots of things we’ve been using for decades have suddenly become boring! Not convinced? Well, who cares? Apple and Microsoft certainly didn’t care when the unveiled their ‘next gen’ keyboards. These guys are supposed to be an example of never ending innovation, but it seems they are better off with the status quo. Oh my Gosh! Did I just unjustly attack my two best tech firm? I guess I did, but the point is really not about attacking anyone, the point is setting out what’s been missing and what hasn’t been done to what’s missing. Now am probably sounding all cryptic, so let’s hit the ground running.
gest keyboardless keyboard
Image credit: Apotact Labs

Gest is a hand tracking computing gadget that figures out the relative positions of your fingers and transmits same to your computer or mobile device over Bluetooth. It’s the brain child of the tech startup – Apotact Labs. It’s a near perfect example of desired result in the numerous failed quest to produce a non bulky, less constricting, one-fits-all motion controllers. Its a combination of accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers, virtually all basic stuffs needed to turn your fingers into a virtual input device. As Apotact Labs CEO and co-founder Mike Pfister describes it , it is as the motion control answer to a mouse and keyboard. To put it rather weirdly and simply ; it’s a keyboardless keyboard. Now I guess you all get where I was headed with my Apple & Microsoft next gen keyboard skirmish. The Gest my just offer the perfect innovative keyboard picture.

Image credit: Apotact Labs

Gest (probably gotten from the word gesture) is an interactive way of working with your computer and mobile devices. Just like when using a smartphone, with GEST, nothing is truly written in stone. It offers a customized gesture oriented flexibility – rather than operate only on preprogrammed gesture based instructions, Gest actually learns the way you interact with your devices and creates its own knowledge base from data it generates during the process. However, don’t get it twisted, GEST doesn’t collect and analyze the huge amount of data most advanced motion control hand trackers do. This is what keeps GEST light, simple and fast. Over time, Gest learns how you perform common gestures,
like pointing, swiping, flicking, and grabbing. It also monitors your own custom gestures to ensure precision and accuracy. This is all made possible from our statistical model that adapts to each user, making Gest one of the most accurate gestural interface on the tech market today.The company claims that At launch, it’ll work with Photoshop, supporting gestures that let users do things like adjust control sliders, add layers, and change brush sizes.
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Image credit: Apotact Labs

The project is still receiving pledges on kickstarter as at the time of writing this article and its drumming for all the support it can get. The handy-hand gadget will cost about $200 when it’s ready for commercial consumption next year. It features a Smart LED that allows Gest to tell you when you are connected and what interaction mode you are in, a micro USB port for easy charging and a rechargeable battery that will last a full day of constant use.