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A Pen is stereotypically a random writing gadget you use to scribble down thoughts, ideas or just plain information. For the zillions of years ( am exaggerating here, but believe me its just slightly) the writing pen have been around there haven’t been any major innovation to how its being used or its working design. However, inspired mostly by SciFi videos, technology companies have made significant strides in ‘retrofitting’ traditional pen with useful technologies. After a quick research, here are some amazing pen that will make you want to get one;

Z pen

Z pen
It may have a pretty simple name -Z, but this pen is so far away from being simple. Except it simple appearance, the Z pen is quite a not so simple gadget, it syncs every writing you make to digital format. All you have to do is write with the pen on any kind of paper, your written notes or sketches is converted to digital text that is stored in your computer and can be used with a any word processor like MS Word or notepad. The z pen cost about $155 (US).

The Ultimate geek pen

Ultimate geek pen

Are you a geek? If yes, then more than any other person the “Ultimate geek pen” was crafted with pride for you. The pen comes packed with five very useful utility gadgets. An ultraviolet light for detecting counterfeiting, a flashlight for illumination and lighting, a ball point tip for writing and a stylus for navigating resistive touchscreens are all packed in this surprisingly slim pen.Twist the
metal tip one way and you get a ballpoint pen, twist it the other way and you get a stylus tip for use with PDAs and games. Press the top button to turn on the laser pointer, press the bottom button to cycle through the flashlight and UV light. The Ultimate geek pen cost about $10 (US).

Spy Pen Video Camera

spy pen video camera

The creators of this pen gave it quite a generic them, one would think they were aiming for a better search engine ranking. Nonetheless this badass gadget looks like it was taken from one of those James Bond Spy movies. Whether you want to settle a vendetta with your ex or you just want to record a corrupt official, this spy pen video camera will do a good job. The good thing about it is that it looks quite like your average pen and that’s good for the spying business. It won’t make you a spy but with a 4GB memory space it will definitely give you lots of video and audio leverage. The Spy pen video camera cost about $50.

Livescribe Echo Smart pen

echo smart pen

The livescribe echo smart pen is much like the Z pen but with additional advanced features. While the Z pen allows writings on paper of any kind to be converted to digital text, the echo smart pen requires special papers printed with the Anoto microdot pattern. On the bright side, the pen can also take audio recordings and is available in three storage capacity models: 2GB, 4GB and 8GB models. The 8GB model can store up to 800 hours of pencast. It comes preloaded with apps and can be used as a calculator, a stock ticker and a translator!. The echo smart pen cost about $120 (US).

Raw Brass Space Pen
space pen
The geeky ones must have probably heard the rumours – NASA spent millions of US dollars to develop a pen that will work in space. Whether its true or not is a story for another day, but those NASA guys probably had no idea they could get a “space pen” for $23 . I mean can you beat that? ( for the record, ther is no empirical evidence that it actualy works in space). However, its been proven that the pen can write underwater, over grease, upside down and in other extreme conditions.

VertiPen Wearable Pen

vertiPen wearable pen
To avoid being nailed, I thought I should chip in a little thing for the ladies. Carrying a pen around can be tiring sometimes, especially if you aren’t putting it in a bag, but wearing it as a bracelet is going to be more appealing. The pen is made of stainless steel it splits into chain-linked segments that can worned. The tip of the pen can also be used as a stylus for devices with resistive touchscreen. Whenever you are done using the pen you just wear it! The pen is however still in development stages and there is no official word on pricing.

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