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Every year, the consumer electronic show with its calvary of futurististic gadgets leave spectators and observers alike delighted, bewildered and amazed. Though, the were plenty of many other ingeniously crafted gadgets unveiled at CES 2016, the were certain ones that got a lot of onlookers scratching their head — futuristically designed gadgets. The future of yesterday is today, wait no more because the hi-tech futuristic gadgets we dreamed of yesterday is here today. Here a number of futuristic gadgets unveiled at CES 2016.

Relief band
CES 2016 featured some cool health gadgets, a handful of small but effective gadgets that do its job quite well. The ReliefBand is among them — just the size of a regular wristwatch and selling for about $89 a piece, it might not look as sexy as an Apple watch (or as ridiculously costly either) but the ReliefBand treats or at least claims to treat nausea and vomiting in a jiffy. The device stimulates the P-6 acupressure point by applying mild electric current. The device doesn’t use chemicals or drugs, and it puts you totally in control since you can choose when to turn it on or off. The ReliefBand is not entirely a new product, but is just being improved overtime. It features Five power settings that enable the user to control the level of stimulation and because you can feel it working within minutes, you can adjust or remove the device accordingly. “The device can be used before or after symptoms start and there are no restrictions on consumption of food, beverages or the use of other medications in conjunction with using the ReliefBand.”

GoSun Stove
These days, everybody is all about clean energy, but very few people actually do something about it. A Cincinnati based tech startup provides the GoSun stove which is basically a stove ( which doesn’t actually look like a stove) that cooks food using only Solar energy. The eco-freindly stove uses insulated tubes and can heat food to up to 200 degree celcius. I Am all for “going green and saving the planet” by using clean energy, but i seriously doubt the containing capacity of the stove, especially if I intend to cook a food with the whole shebang. The GoSun Stove retails for about $600 pee unit, with an option for a $749 model with an electric upgrade that effectively turns the device into a hybrid for times when the sun isn’t shining.

LG signature fridge
The LG signature fridge as LG inc would have it called , is about as futuristic as tomorrow. Its simple — its all about you not having to do the things that you would normally do with your ‘today’s fridge”. Just knock at the window of the fridge to immediately reveal what’s left of the groceries in your refrigerator. The smart window illuminates after a few light knocks to show you what’s inside. The second, and probably most important, is the cool Auto Door feature, that utilises sensors to detect when your foot is close to the fridge and gently opens the door. Luckily for everyone, the LG signature fridge is smart enough to tell it’s you, and not your wandering dog, cat or baby that is coming close to the fridge. Thats especially very important, of course unless you want to get your pets inside your fridge every time it goes playing around. Other features allow users to preserve power, monitor energy usage and control temperatures. However, No official release date has been revealed for the fridge, but its likely hitting the market quite soon. The LG Signature fridge has the right futuristic features to make sure you and your grocery really feel like you are in the future.

Segway advanced personal robot
Call it a robot Butler or call it a hoverboard, it doesn’t matter, because at the end it is a blend cocktail of something totally familiar — A hover board and a robot. The Segway advanced robot does the job of a personal assistant and a transport utlity. The robot part hides away while you ride the segway as a hover board and pops out right back when you need it to answer the door bell or transport some light goods. The segway is what happens when three companies good at what the do decides to dump petty rivalry and work together. Segway and Tech giants Intel and Xiaomi , are working together to build the rideable robots with long term plans of improving them to respond to voice command as well as retrofitting them with night vision systems.