Opera browser 40 free VPN

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Opera is certainly into the VPN software side of things these days from all indications. If you use Opera as your desktop browser, you now the option of a free VPN service to switch your location to wherever you want any snooper to think you are.

Opera browser 40 free VPN
Opera 40 Free VPN

But if you are thinking of using it to watch some location-specific programs on Netflix, perish the thought. Netflix’s algorithm is too sophisticated for the free VPN. But I think other video streaming services like Hulu can’t block it yet.

The free VPN on Opera was launched in April actually. But at that time it was just the beta version. This VPN therefore, is part of the new Opera upgrade known as Opera 40. So if you upgrade your Opera browser, the VPN, provided by SurfEasy, would be bundled into it.

The  short video below demonstrates all about Opera 40 and the free VPN.

To activate the VPN, just head to the Settings, them go to Security and Privacy. In the new window, just tick the box beside ‘Enable VPN’

To monitor how much data you are consuming for specific websites and change locations, go to the VPN logo beside the address bar and click on it. There you will see the countries you can change your location to. These countries are Singapore, Germany, Holland, the US and Canada.

The proxies for the desktop VPN perfectly mirror the proxies of the Android version that was launched nearly a month ago. In my hands on review, it was discovered the Android version was easy to install and use. Though it gave users the ability to change their location, it was still limited in some ways as it did not give total anonymity.

Perhaps, we would also do a hands on review of the desktop VPN to see how good it is. But from early reports, it is safe to say using it won’t be difficult just like the Android version. The big deal would be if it would give you complete anonymity from hackers, web cookies and security agencies.

Other features of the new Opera include

Battery saver

Well, this war is not about to end. After the latest Salvo fired by Microsoft about the Edge browser, this could seem like a deliberate reply to that.

Opera browser 40 free VPN
Opera 40 enhanced power saver

Opera is claiming that the new Opera browser has a reworked battery saver that makes it even more efficient in power utilization that the previous version. That is another way of saying Opera is better than Edge vis-a-vis power consumption on laptops.

Chromecast support

Somehow Google allowed Opera to add support for Chromecast in Opera. Well, if that helps more people to buy the tongles, I guess that is more money in Google’s pocket.

Chromecast enables you to mirror you browser onto a supported TV. That means you can view your computer screen on a larger screen.

Video tweaks

Opera browser 40 free VPN
Opera 40 new video feature

The browser now supports more video formats. And operating streaming videos on the browser has been made easier too. For instance, it is now easier close videos with just a single click.

Improved Newsreader with RSS supprt

Opera browser 40 free VPN
Opera 40; News Reader with RSS support

Here is how Opera explained this new fearure:

The personal newsreader now has support for RSS. This means you can add any RSS-based feed as well asour selection of sources. Custom RSS can be read in both timeline and stacked view, the same way other news is displayed in the personalized newsreader. The only difference is that the estimated reading time will not be available for those sources.

To use the personalized newsreader, click the News icon on the left-hand side of the Speed Dial and then click the “+” button. You can then paste a URL into the search field. Once the URL is recognized as valid source, you can add it.”

For more information about all the new teams in the new Opera, you can head to the blog post.


image credit: opera.com