Nvidia GeForce Game Application

A lot of people who enjoy playing video games but own Mac Computers most time have a case of Personal Computer envy.

The case with most of all the ground breaking launch of personal computer games is the fact they are only available on Macs some times years after if in some cases it ever does. But with the introduction of the recent Personal Computer exclusive games inclusive of the “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds” getting really popular and “Destiny 2” which is next after an all-time favorite game for many debuting at the end of this month.

Game Experience
Game Experience

As luck might have it an even better and way cheaper solution that can turn a 2013 MacBook Pro into an impressive game machine has been found and called the Nvidia’s GeForce that is now available as an App.

With available free downloads in the United States and Canada, the GeForce allows its users enjoy the experience of a high-end game which typically should require a Windows Personal Computer with particular and designated graphics processor. The GeForce Software is available now in beta but Nvidia is a renowned and well-trusted company when it comes to the gaming field and the Application works like magic.

GeForce was discovered this week through a You Tuber Karl Conrad after a lot of failed attempts with people trying to make use of their MacBooks as a game machine. GeForce Now was designed and created by Nvidia, which has been working on gaming and mobile computing for about Twenty Four years and still counting.The Nvidia technology company makes all kinds of tech things, ranging from computing chips to gaming hardware to self-driving car software. But definitely, video games at the center of their expertise and productions.

One of the major ways to play a lot or the majority of Personal Computer games on a Mac is to run the game on a cloud a Personal Computer in the cloud and stream it to your MacBook, so GeForce Now software even though is in beta testing is available for free download but later in the future will likely cost a charge monthly or some way.


GeForce Now acts as a portal to other game stores, including Valve’s Steam and Activision Blizzard’s Battle.net.  but of course not restricted to them, also you can purchase games in those stores or gain access to the ones you’ve already previously got from them. So to purchase and launch a game, you just need to click on its icon in the interface and then you can play it or any other game you have access to through GeForce Now.