Ojodu area of Lagos. Is an "Ojoducon valley" possible?

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A campaign flier for a young politician by the name Adebola Mayowa running for Ojodu Local Council Development Area (LCDA) chairman has been flying around very recently, and what caught the interest of techies most in his “10 points agenda” is his interest or his campaign promise of building a tech hub around the Ojodu area of Lagos.

Photo credit; TechCityng.com
Photo credit; TechCityng.com

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Very recently, there has been debates on almost every platform if there’s truly a tech hub/cluster in Yaba that could match the Silicon valley size in the nearest future. While many opined that there is nothing like a Yabacon valley, others have said that it is in a process. But both ways, it is soothing to know that someone, somewhere is thinking of building a tech hub that’s not in Yaba.

Back to young politician, Mayowa. If you ask me, I’d say it is time we techies starting making pir voices heard and coming together as one when it comes to choosing our leaders. I feel we should start electing leaders that would favor us with infrastructures that’ll enable the rapid growth of as many startups as there are. Infrastructures like the one Adebola Mayowa is proposing.

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According to him, “I want to meaningfully engage the youths in my LCDA through skills acquisition and entrepreneurial training. Majority of the people are energetic individuals between the ages of 16 and 25 and are mainly uneducated and unemployed. I want to implement programmes that will direct this energy into sustainable enterprises”

Ojodu area of Lagos. Is an "Ojoducon valley" possible?
Ojodu area of Lagos. Is an “Ojoducon valley” possible?

Now on how feasible a tech hub is in Ojodu, since I have no idea what the place looks like, I’d leave you with an opinion from BellaRose Okojie of TechCityng, “From the issues raised by players in the ecosystem ranging from accommodation; affordability and availability, concentration of actual tech businesses in the area, road networks, investor friendliness, the list goes on, it is worthy of note that Ojodu is a place that links Lagos to other parts of Nigeria.”

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“By measurement, Ojodu Berger is far bigger than Yaba. For people who are visiting Lagos or returning, on road, Ojodu Berger is the first bus-stop. Accommodation is much cheaper there too, just check tolet.com.ng and you’ll see. Ojodu has also gotten a major face-lift on the road network and traffic management. The area is looking more and more high profile and attractive to say the least. So much that the thought of creating a “tech hub” there would seem like the cherry on top. But does this guarantee the success of a tech hub there? Will startup owners migrate?”

So how feasible is Ojodu for a tech hub, do you think it is?