Facebook stop collecting European WhatsApp data

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Tech giant Facebook loves releasing updates to the social media apps under its umbrella. The rate at which the updates are released to these apps, you know Mark Zuckerberg (the fifth richest man in the world) means business.

Most recently, Instagram added a new feature for web users that allows them to view other users stories from the web version of Instagram. We though that was all from the Mark Zuckerberg’s social media army. Not until a new update was added to WhatsApp, the most used IM app in Nigeria.

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The added feature to the WhatsApp app is the floating video calls window feature. The floating video calls feature was first tested in the beta version of WhatsApp. Well, that’s how WhatsApp runs its thing, that is, test running it on the WhatsApp Beta version before introducing the update into the general app. The floating video call feature allows the user to minimize the floating video call to a window like appearance, and also operate on other apps. This will prove helpful in cases where the person you’re chatting with on the video call gives you a link address and you don’t want to forget, you can just type in straight away into the browser.

However, it’s not all rosy, there’s a but. The feature is only available to WhatsApp users on the Android 8.0 Oreo platform. The feature is enabled on the device due to the picture-in-picture functionality. For the uninitiated, picture-in-picture functionality allows the user to use two apps at the same time on a single screen. Not so many WhatsApp users are on the latest Android Oreo OS. Let’s just hope WhatsApp developers can do something to compensate the feature in lesser Android version users.

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WhatsApp added some new features earlier this year. Some of which are the “Pin Chat” feature which can be seen in this article, and the WhatsApp Status feature which is the normal trend of WhatsApp at the moment.