ByeBye Accountants In Nigeria As Artificial Intelligence Would Be Taken Over Your Jobs

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Just as technology has its advantages, just like every other entity, there are also disadvantages. Though these disadvantages are selective (you would understand that very soon). Since the advent of technology, it has always been said to make life very easy for the common man, a fact which I hold no differing view from.

Technology has indeed made life very easy for us, ranging from the introduction of phones for communications, to cars and air planes for transport, to robots for manufacturing, drones for surveillance, machines for large scale farming and so on.

But then, in the very innocent process or act of it (technology) making our life easier, it has also made it a bit complicated for some –the affected ones – by claiming a whole lot of jobs. While it makes the employer’s work easier and helps maximize profit, it on another hand, claim the job of an affected employee. This is why I said earlier that it is selective in its disadvantages.

However, for the purpose of this post, we would be taking a look at some jobs that existed some years back but are no more due to the advent of technology, and also those that might not be any more in some years to come, also due to the same reason. Let us roll.


In some seven to ten years back, one very popular business/job that people took on was that of a call center. This is a center where they help people make calls upon request and they get paid for it, mostly for the number of minutes the caller spent on the call. They then used this money to purchase more airtime, and the cycle continues.

This job was exceedingly popular, a trait that could be attributed to the non-popularity of phones at that period. Maybe phones were popular, but only the rich could afford it then. After sometime, the call center business became an unnecessary one – this was when phones started becoming exceedingly popular, something most people has attributed to the Obasanjo government.

As much as it was a good thing that almost everyone had a phone, we also have to consider the number of people that lost their jobs or business (call center) at that period.


Presently, this business is still booming but unfortunately, in some years to come, I see it come crashing down like a pack of cards. People surely still buy printed recharge cards, but what scares me the most is the increase in mobile and online recharge made possible by various commercial banks and mobile app, Zoto.

Just recently, we reported a news that the Zoto app has reached a whooping one million users. Also very important is the number of mobile recharge carried out by bank customers on a daily basis, and the ease with which it is done.

In some years to come, I don’t see people trooping out to buy printed recharge cards again, instead, when more apps like Zoto spring up, majority would surely migrate.


I’m quite sure you didn’t see this one coming, but let me convince you on why it is on the list. Some years back, did you hear a story from your parents on how they and their siblings always went to the farm? I did. Now, do you got to farm presently? I’m sure you don’t. Please note that this is not because your parents do not have farms, but because machines now do most of the work.

A tractor handled by just one person can now carry out a job over 12 people did in the past. That’s how good, (and bad), technology is. It has snatched the jobs from farmers too, and I believe it isn’t done with them yet, as I have a feeling robots would soon go to farm too. Only this time, it won’t need any one to control it.


Before now, you need actual humans to be customer care representatives, but now, you only need them to handle very important and delicate cases where the customer actual needs someone with emotions to talk to. Well, don’t be surprised if in some years to come, technology gives us robots with emotions too. At that point, customer care reps would kiss their jobs goodbye.


Except if you still live in the 18th century, you must have noticed an upward surge and attention for self-driving cars. Transport companies like Uber have adopted it and it has actually cost drivers their jobs. Even if it isn’t in Nigeria YET (we are already used to that), it would soon be and it would have same effect on the country’s jobs.

Well, everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage, and when it comes to technology, I think the advantages weigh more than the disadvantages. So if you ask me, I’m still sticking with tech. how about you?