ByeBye Accountants In Nigeria As Artificial Intelligence Would Be Taken Over Your Jobs

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Have you ever thought of a world where majority of it activities are done by machines? Then you don’t need to think anymore as in the nearest future, I believe you’ll be seeing it first hand. When different companies start laying off workers just to replace them with machines for better productivity and lower cost of production. That is where technology is riding us to.

man complaining of losing accounting jobs because of artificial intelligence called aliens

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Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance is laying off some of its employees and replacing them with an artificial intelligence (AI) system that is based on IBM Japan Ltd’s Watson, which IBM calls a “cognitive technology that can think like a human.” Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance said it will save them £1 million and increase productivity by 30%, plus maintaining it will only cost them around £100,000 a year.

While technology might have its advantages – tremendous ones too – , I see this as a disadvantage. People will keep losing jobs to machines, not even other to other people. The rate of unemployment would surely skyrocket. So tell me what good that is doing to our society. Again, come to think of it, every thing that has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Maybe what we would do is to put up with the disadvantages of technology just to enjoy its advantages.


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Taking another dimensional view, don’t you think it could actually create jobs – though not as much as it scrapped – given that the maintenance of these machines would be done by humans too.

No matter what it may be, we can not do anything to the tech revolution taken place in the world presently. Almost everything and everybody are going techy.


Read more; ByeBye Accountants In Nigeria As Artificial Intelligence Would Be Taken Over Your Jobs


Just recently, Mark Zuckerberg also revealed his own Artificial intelligence which would help him manage his home. Welcome to the world of tech.