Firefox, Containers, multiple accounts

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Firefox, which happens to be my favorite browser, is testing a new feature known as Containers. Basically, the feature makes is easy for you to be what you want to be online.

Firefox, Containers, multiple accounts

It is all about having different accounts in the same service without opening a new window. Offline, it is very easy to project the personality we want people to see at a particular time. At work, we want to be seen as a serious, result-oriented person. Which is totally different from how we behave at a party for instance. That is what Firefox is trying to replicate with Containers. With the feature, you can have multiple accounts opened in the same window. Each account would reflect what you want other online users to think of you. For example, you can have different Twitter account for business, family and friends opened but separate in the same Firefox window.

The question to ask next is how useful a feature like this can be to users? Personally, I could really use a feature like that as I like separating my professional life from my personal life. This might encourage one to be more expressive in social forums as you can hide behind a different account to be what you want to be at that point in time. Another important use if this is that you could use it to reduce the ads send to your accounts. These days, targeted ads are so sophisticated. Marketing companies use cookies to track our activities online so they can organize an ad campaign based on our online habits. Using one account to surf the net, means you can have an avalanche of of ads from different niches based on what you browse. However, using different accounts means targeted ad algorithms would find it hard to profile you.

I guess the introduction of the detailed blog post by Tanvi Vyas would explain the thinking behind Containers better:

We all portray different characteristics of ourselves in different situations. The way I speak with my son is much different than the way I communicate with my coworkers. The things I tell my friends are different than what I tell my parents. I’m much more guarded when withdrawing money from the bank than I am when shopping at the grocery store. I have the ability to use multiple identities in multiple contexts. But when I use the web, I can’t do that very well. There is no easy way to segregate my identities such that my browsing behavior while shopping for toddler clothes doesn’t cross over to my browsing behavior while working. The Containers feature I’m about to describe attempts to solve this problem: empowering Firefox to help segregate my online identities in the same way I can segregate my real life identities.”

How to Use Containers

Firefox, Containers, multiple accountsTo use Containers you need to download the Firefox Nightly build and install it on your system.

Next go to File > New Container Tab. To reveal the menu bar on Windows, users need to hit the Alt key first. From the drop down menu, you now have the option of any account. You can now create multiple accounts.

Multiple Containers are differentiated by using different color codes for them. Also text and icons in the far right hand corner of the address bar helps to differentiate Containers.

Since the feature is still in the testing phase, the browser might be unstable and might have security issues. It might also not be possible to open multiple accounts on all social media forum as it is now. Perhaps by the time the final build is out, all bugs and glitches would have being fixed. And of course, you can help the Firefox team make Containers better by reporting any bug or vulnerabilities you encounter. You could make a bit of money if you find bugs since Mozila also has a robust bug bounty program like Google and Facebook.


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